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  1. The problem with that is this is not a battle centered game.
  2. The fact book for your nation now is kind of bland here are some ideas to expand it Geography Add average temperature year round Rainfall per year Demographics Outlet type Right or left side driving Economy Currency value to US dollar Inflation rate Average net worth Poverty rate Health Male life expectancy Female life expectancy Leading cause of death Military Conscription requirements
  3. The taxes and economic policies in the game dont add up. A far right government isn't going to have a 12% income tax an a slightly left wing government wont charge a 30% Tax rate here are some new tax rates depending one your policies Extreme Right .75%-1.5% Far right 2%-3% Right 5-7% Moderate 8-11% Left 12-15% Far Left 17-18% Extreme Left 20-22%
  4. I think you should have a option to resolve the riot peacefully or just mow them down
  5. If you can up vote ads you should be able to down vote ads
  6. I'll change it so you can't have as many per city
  7. Having low pollution will prevent you from losing approval
  8. est into a hospital? I am a little lost about how catastrophic this might be. It's fine as long as your making money
  9. If the nations inactive it would only take 2 days anyway
  10. Parks and recreation improvements would reduce pollution in you cities, I think there should be more ways to reduce pollution besides two Park Cost: $15,000 and 50 food Matianace cost $20 per turn Effect: reduces 15 points of pollution Can have up to 3 per city Hiking Trail Cost $30,000 and 70 food Matianace: 45 per turn Effect: Reduces 25 pollution Can have 1 per city Scouting Program Cost $50,000 and 100 food Matianece: 50 per turn Effect: Rudeces 50 pollution Can have 1 per city Wildlife Reserve Cost 75,000 150 food and 10 aluminum Maintenance 80 per turn Effect reduces 85 pollution Can have one per city
  11. I have some recommendations for new government Types Police State Semi-Presidental Republic Presidential Republic Parliamentary Monarchy Theocratic Monarchy Duoarchy Necroarchy Technocracy Tribal State Commonwealth One-Party State Political Macihine
  12. I think that diamonds should be there own resource and you can build a jewelry factory to refine them
  13. Rather than reduce pollution by 1% it should stop farms from producing pollution
  14. I thought of a tourism mechanic for the game. You would receive earnings from tourist. It would include four new city improvements and one national project Beach Site: Would cost $10,000 15 per city Would boost tourism by 5% Fair ground: Would cost $30,000 5 Aluminum 10 steel 10 per city would boost tourism by 10% boost commerce by 5% Hotel: Would cost $100,000 30 Aluminum 70 steel 7 per city boost tourism by 15% boost commerce by 10% Casino: Would cost $300,000 80 Aluminum 50 Steel 5 per city boost tourism by 20% boost commerce by 15% The max tourism you can have per city is 100% but with the International Airport project it would increase to 120% The International Air port project would cost: $10,000,000 2,000 Aluminum and 1,000 steel 1,000 Gasoline
  15. Back in November you said you planned to add new reassures too the game. Any progress on that



    1. Alex


      Yes! Hopefully that will be ready by the end of April.

    2. Brother Jauffre
  16. I have a few ideas for national projects Mars Colony: Show your nations power and colonize Mars, has no effect on your gameplay would require Missile launch pad, Space Program, Moon Landing, Green Technologies and Mass Irrigation Would Cost: 10,000 Oil. 100,000 Gasoline, 1,000 Aluminum, 1,000,000 Food and $1,000,000,000 Olympic Stadium: Would Increases profit from stadiums and allow an additional stadium in each city Would Require 10 cities Would Cost 1,000 Steel, 500 aluminum, $15,000,000 National Granary: Triple farm production but increases upkeep Requires: Mass Irrigation Would Cost: 250 Steel, 500 gasoline, $10,000,000
  17. I have some ideas of cosmetic effects that national projects like the propaganda bureau and trade center The propaganda bureau would cause citizen approval to double. Like if you win a war it would case your approval to go up 6 points rather than 3. The trade center would case your GDP to skyrocket.
  18. I always wanted an Olympic Stadium which would increase profit from stadiums and allow an additional stadium to be built in each city
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