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  1. 5. For an alliance announcement post of the below types, it must be tagged using brackets and the abbreviation or name listed above at the beginning of the title of the post. Posts of a type not listed below do not require tags. You must tag your post in the beginning of the title if it falls into one of the following categories: [DoE] Declaration of Existence Hmm, since 'The Lighthouse' just came into existence a week or so ago, I'm surprised no one has reported you for violating Rule #5, but you'll be inactive and/or disbanded by March so I guess they all think it's kind of pointless. Still, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the fine pirates of Arrgh for their fine work in putting you on beige.
  2. Why wasn't this ever implemented? I'd have 705 cities.
  3. Oh, I guess I misunderstood what being part of Admin Alliance is. That's just your in-game AA? Oh. Well in that case, if it's just kids and not multis, go ahead and close this ticket. We can't keep an entire school from having two people attack each other. I'm satisfied that no harm nor foul was done. Thanks anyway!
  4. Well, you kind of rambled all over the place, but you did answer the question, so I won't quibble. The thread has a quorum consensus and all that. Thank you all!
  5. Nothing new ever changes in Orbis. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=334939 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=319620
  6. Your applicant pool confuses me; I don't understand anyone except Verlion being there. I thought you were all C30s, but your applicant pool confused me: Do you keep these guys around, training them until they're C30 and then admit them? I think (at his current speed) Lucas can get there by 2025. But I guess if you guys ever start up CryingYoungBabies, there's your leadership team right there.
  7. Some days it's good not to be human. Well, good luck there Chumley!
  8. Remember, this isn't a discussion about politics, so no opinions 'my alliance is the best,' or 'That alliance sucks.' I'm talking about on paper, based on whatever damage figures the bots run in the PnW server, numerically who is known for consistently having good militaries? People who coordinate well together, counter for each other well, whatever metrics one associates with having a strong fighting force. This isn't a political thread, so if these are all jerks, multis, rerolls, sociopaths, Blackwater, or whatever synonyms of those words fit together, let's not debate such things. If you're on the OWF, your political views are well-known. But what alliances do you most want on your side in a war, even if you have an entire bloc or sphere arrayed against you? (or would you want, if it's a situation where they're great in the browser game but you personally can't trust them or like them.) * * * Or conversely, at the end of the day, does military competence not matter that much and it's just a tiering and numbers game, like the English rule of attrition? (20 guys who suck can fight 7 great guys because they have 13 extra guys.) Remember, this is theorycraft about military strength of alliances, so please don't turn it into a political screed on your opinion on bloated alliances, blocs, spheres, or whatever, or if some alliance leader is your hero or your enemy. Nor do I care about some alliance from 5 years ago. If Jaden and his 1400 inactive applicants make SoS the best alliance on paper, since theoretically they can all go active tomorrow, then it is what it is. If the answer is some 6-man micro that have been together for 4 years, then it is what it is.
  9. Hey, I got mentioned! I got mentioned! But it was in the Discord discussion next to that young Orbis whippersnapper Sweet Ronny D. So let me add the following: Ayy LMAO, my fine peeps, if you're reading this, disband and join BK. If we all join the exact same alliance, Sheepy's head will figuratively explode and he'll have to redo the commerce part of PnW so that it no longer sucks. Come on, let's do it! You first! It'll be how 99% of NaR all joined Digital Dopamine there, and then the game keeled over and died, except here it will be fun! It will solve all the problems mentioned in this thread if we were ALL in the same bloc/sphere except one 14 or 15 year old guy in SoS, DPE, whatever it's called, and his 1400 inactive applicants. Let's DO it! For Keller! (who I think is original Leo.)
  10. Oh yeah, time flies. Yeah, I apparently joined the PnW Discord around January 27th, probably after a few days of doing the tutorials, so yeah it was end of January 2021. Ok that resolves this, thank you!
  11. Check my post history here; I reported him yesterday as two people on the same network (or a multi) attacking each other.
  12. I had way more fun back in 2016 or so. I was in FA, and back then, you would sign up for people's forum boards and you'd write and roleplay and engage in all sorts of in-game shenanigans. Now, all FA is done OOC on Discord, and much of it is automated, handled by the !embassy command and so forth, and most FA threads boil down to "hey your newbie attacked one of our newbies, make it stop or I'm telling!" Yeah, there are variations, but except for the very high-level "hey, let's all move to Hollywood and go live with Adrienne!" types of discussions, it's all about putting out little fires, either in-game or some bad blood between teenagers in rival alliances. Except.... down at the micro level. There, it's actually lots of fun. Most of you guys who read the OFW have neither the patience nor the inclination to care about something that doesn't involve your own alliance, bloc or sphere, but there are entire gangs of 3-man and 4-man alliances engaged in mighty battles of epic proportions with tales of love and war and poaching and so forth. There is lots of roleplaying going on, lots of using in-game messages, fact books and bulletins, and kids playing the game the way they think Alex intended, (eg like NationStates) not the way a handful of top-10 alliance guys tell everyone else how it should be. They don't use the OFW though, as most are too young to wrap their heads around a bulletin board or play-by-post board, as forums went out of style in 1994 or so, which is why I think Jaden is actually 58 years old since he's here, but anyway, they are around, doing dynamic and fun stuff, and many of the best and brightest move on up to the top 100 or top 50 or higher, become prots or merge into bigger alliances. I think Alann went about it the wrong way, but he had the right idea to cultivate these guys who were trying hard to play their best, but who simply saw themselves as nations instead of as states in a united alliance. (For example, the NATO guy who went to Atlas recently.)
  13. I had no idea there were new mods. Wait so this o0z0o guy IS a new mod? Wow if Alex counters me on his behalf boy will I be embarrassed! I guess I'd better take that peace/truce offer before Admin Alliance counterattacks.
  14. I've never liked bots myself. Are they not to blame for why I have to read Captchas every time I start a raid or war?
  15. First note: -o0z0o- should get a nation strike for pretending to work for Sheepy. Unless he IS an Admin or Mod, in which case I guess that he's in the right alliance. Anyway, I was asked to counter -o0z0o-. I attacked -o0z0o- only to find that he was also attacking o00o, but immediately offered to peace out. As this is either a multi or two kids on the same network, it's slot-filling and a rule-breaking war. Which is why we're here today. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=400922 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=400919 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=403165 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=403139 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=400945 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=401099
  16. The game has all that already. There are plenty of Discord servers that have nothing to do with alliances, and that are just acting like the United Nations and various other unions of nations that aren't in the same alliance. Since you're in the alliance of Dread Pussycat Justinian, you can certainly visit his IOTA server and you can make all the bribes, sanctions and whatever you want. If you are looking for something hard-coded in the game, well there are plenty of micro-alliances (I mean 3 man and 4 man micros) that do this with Bulletins, in addition to Discord servers. There are also people who 'edit' their nation to write up constitutions just like you want to do. There are also Discord servers for banks and for trading. There's also a thing called in-game messaging. I often write to the people that, and get good trades that way. So, bottom line: the game has everything you want already. In fact, you can use this very channel for its intended purpose instead of as a suggestion channel! Just use it as it was intended.
  17. That's not a bug, that's a feature. Simply give the nation in question a commendation, and THAT will remove the denouncement.
  18. This post is more interesting than whatever fake shitpost Vexz wrote to promote whatever boring news server she was promoting, whatever it was. I forget what it was, though the fake screenshots were funny. All good news can come from VGM, actually. https://discord.gg/S3jkgWRZ
  19. You should explain THIS if you ever want to attract members: Though I have to say, if I had to chose between you and Camelot, I'd probably pick you right now. You can only grow upwards.
  20. I don't understand the point of posts like this. They just make both Camelot and TFP look bad, regardless of whether you believe it went down one way or the other. No one's opinion of either alliance is changed, and it just allows people to mock and and point-and-laugh at both alliances. For example: if Camelot is lying, then they come across the way Kev describes them, plus they are liars. But if they are telling the truth, and they were duped by Eriko, the brand-new inexperienced FA guy who accidentally left Oasis based on an outdated unpublished fanfic that Velyni wrote for days when he was hungover and unavailable, then that just makes Camelot look foolish.
  21. I've had the same computer for a year now, same network and same nation, so is this new cookie message a bug or a virus? Did I click on the wrong Rewarded Ad by mistake and download some soviet bot?
  22. Almost all alliances fund either PB or IA, so that's a ridiculous reason to say 'join my alliance.' Better to talk about moving to Hollywood and being a new TKR prot or something. However, as I noted above, the original poster deleted his nation back in August so he's not joining anything.
  23. This looks like it might be someone who quit one nation and started another but never deleted the old nation. Or it could be multis. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=394119 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=276378 Also, no matter how you screw with the spelling, Auschwitz is still purely a !@#$-themed name. It's in very bad taste and violates new rule #6.
  24. Oh, Mile High makes more sense. On the voice chat last night, I though Vice kept saying "Miley" and I couldn't figure out why someone was naming a sphere after Smiley Ray Cyrus. Good luck and have fun!
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