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  1. Why are you cancelling all your treaties?
  2. He Was going to start a war he was that buggy
  3. The League of Nations Has overthrown our Co-President Michael Jackson He has been a Dictator That Has Caused a lot of trouble, And made decisions Without other peoples Opinion. And Im sorry if he bugged your Alliance for A Protectorate or a MDoAP. This is a new Future or The League Of Nations, Please dont Define us by our Old President -Harald Hadrada
  4. i just like watching, makes a good show no need for me to be part of the cast
  5. some random dude that loves watching top 50 alliances die, when any micro declares war on top 50 its a good day
  6. i feel the smaller newer alliances are disban just because they are new and dont have very strong goverments yet
  7. also how can this be accepted when prima victoria isnt even a top 75 alliance
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