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  1. OREO would be great too Organisation of Resource Exports, Orbis
  2. Can confirm that the public examination theme is real. No one talks in #free-chat that i proudly created. Well, either because of the exams or the "free" part.
  3. Im a relatively new player who got into this game approximately a year and a half ago and I see this forum thread so interesting that I decided to have my first forum post other than Counting with others. But base on what @Emperor Adam and others have said, it seems to me that Orbis politics, over the course of the last 3-4 years, has grown so mature (if thats the correct wording) that individual nations, espeically those who just picked up this game, has nearly no say in the course of any worthmentioning events. The death of roleplay does not come from anywhere but formalisation of politics. This formalisation is exlusive, that means theres no way a new player could strive without sticking to a major alliance, and before their passion to this game cooled into daily farming and chatting with friends on alliance discord servers. But this shouldnt mean that this game is dead (it is anyway) without roleplaying as I do see this game potentially having so much more to it. With the incorporation of discord servers and most alliances' communities nowadays, it provides so much better convenience for any players to just visit each other aliances' server; but the reality is the opposite: not much players other than FA visits each other out but merely stay in their own alliance's community. This is a sad phenomenon as I believe such citizen diplomacy is what enables a livelier political environment, new alliances and more hardship for FA to form (@Empiur please work). This deterioration of globalisation into regionalism and bloc diplomacy might, fortunately and hopefully, be redone with communties extending out to each other as the first small step ig.
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