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  1. Wow I am udderly down to join this new alliance
  2. this was very entertaining "By not looking it can be anything we want" best quote of 2021 ngl
  3. I'm living 18,180 years in the future
  4. What a great start to 20201! Congratulations
  5. Against my better judgement I've listened through 11 minutes and here's what I remember: TCM has trouble with FA, nobody wants treaties Nokia knows ppl may not like him and he just wants to talk things thru people were dick to him so he was dick back and he wants to change that about himself TCM was kinda OP at one point in time in 2019 he spent big effort into running TCM he is busy man with jobs and gaming community and uni student tldr this is a pov video of you being his therapist
  6. k my bad on that. we had better tiering match up with bs tho
  7. At the time we decided to declare war, the majority of TJest was entirely out of range for our members. There seemed no point declaring a formal war to help out Panth if there's just gonna be 1 single war between us and TJest. BS was the main force of this attack, so we attacked them to help.
  8. As the party in the Pantheon grows through the night with Compass nations arriving from the North West South and East, they fail to hear the retreating sea and rapidly advancing white line in the horizon over the music of their wars. Slowly, the echoes of an unfamiliar sound grow louder with the incoming waves. we are the atlantians. fear the flood. We are the Atlantians. Fear the flood. WE ARE THE ATLANTIANS. FEAR THE FLOOD. WE ARE THE ATLANTIANS. FEAR THE FLOOD. As result of Black Skies’ aggression specifically towards our ally, we have come to the conclusion that they have deemed our NAP void. Thus in defense of our allies and in honor of our MDoAP treaty with Pantheon, Atlantian Council officially declares war on Black Skies.
  9. why do we still need Hollywood when this video exists???
  10. this explains the pings from that server... enjoy yourself nokia
  11. I check this like once a month, just dm me in game

  12. Arrgh just agreed to not specifically target any of the alliances involved for raiding
  13. Since digital submissions are allowed, here's the first digital one lol Atlantian Floating Pumpkin Patch
  14. TCM is #70 and getting rolled... ... yet you're going to recognize hostilities against Aurora prots that were previously uninvolved...
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