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  1. Only here for vote for Roq & Vein. Opus Dei, out.
  2. Hi @hope nice to see you're still a hater. Congrats 🎉
  3. What is dead may never die. Approximately 69,420 minutes.
  5. Hello, old friend. We lurk the shadows of Orbis. Watching. Waiting. FLOCKA.
  6. Official GOONS Announcement GOONS hereby declares neutrality in the ongoing war. Although we don't like tCW, we also don't pay enough attention to game to have an opinion. Sleeper agents standby for further information. /s/ Do Not Fear Jazz, Brick Squad, WAKA FLOCKA LOBSTA.
  7. Bingo. It comes down to personal style, a lot of IQ alliances/government were after a "game over" style victory. Which would have been enjoyable, at least for a time before stagnation and boredom kick in and they would have devoured each other.
  8. I suppose for some, but it's very misguided to think that a portion of the playerbase isn't playing to win.
  9. The whole point of these games is to continually hold grudges in order to force political movement. The tipping point is when you push too far; resulting in wanton destruction or scattering (disbandment).
  10. I'm late to the party but GOONS was never going to hit Camelot. Maybe Epi tho.
  11. If someone could provide me with the previous years icons I'll gladly update them so that @Alex can add them ingame.
  12. You didn't hold up your side of the deal, I went to VM, Alex took my bank and returned it to GPA (which I didn't control and is now defunct). I don't know where your funds are.
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