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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Yeah, these people be missing out on our exclusive ultra-low taxes, ultra-low interest loans, and a cohesive community. Guess you gotta be in it to understand.
  3. ...that I can't apply to join this club. I feel like we should be E X C L U S I V E. That's what Resplendent is all about; that EXCLUSIVITY. Ahh man, you're missing out if you ain't in with the clique.
  4. We will destroy you from the inside out. It was a ruse to weaken the other sphere the whole time! Lmao /s
  5. Re-establishing of Res needs to happen, I need more people to merge into us soon enough :D :D
  6. I have here a poll that people can take in order to gauge interest and further appreciation for Resplendent. Feel free to discuss and whatnot below.
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