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Using Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

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This guide presumes you have a very basic understanding of what IRC is. If the words "Internet Relay Chat" are wholly unfamiliar to you, please first read through the P&Wpedia page on Internet Relay Chat (IRC).


IRC is used by players for real-time communication. A lot of the fun of the game takes place on IRC, and if you're not using it at all, you're missing a big piece of the game.


The main discussion channel is #PoliticsandWar - This is where you end up if you click the IRC Link on the sidebar. Conversations in here vary wildly, from related to the game to completely separate topics. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in discussion. 


IRC is a great place to ask questions about the game, or get in touch with someone. If you have a question, you can just ask it in #PoliticsandWar and most likely someone will answer you within a minute or two. Occassionally the channel may be inactive, but there's generally enough people in #PoliticsandWar that someone will see your question and respond.


If you need to get ahold of someone specifically, you can highlight them by saying their name in the chat. For example, you'll likely see me in IRC as "Sheepy". I keep the chat room open pretty much 24/7, but I'm not always looking at what's going on in there. If you say "Sheepy" in the chat, it'll ding a noise and flash, indicating that I should pay attention and see what's up. 

Note: This isn't going to work all the time, as I leave my computer on all the time (and many other players do too) but it's your best shot at getting someone's attention.


If you want to have a private conversation with someone, you can Query them. This is a pretty simple procedure, when you initiate a query it opens up a private chat between you and that player. To initiate a query, simply type "/query USERNAME". For example, if you wanted to ask me a private question, you might do "/query Sheepy" and then the private chat room would open where you could ask me whatever. You can also use this as a way to leave a message for someone - query them, say what you want them to know, and then leave. Whenever they get back on they should see your message(s).


There are an infinite number of chatrooms outside of #PoliticsandWar - Typically each alliance has their own. If you wanted to talk to someone from a certain alliance, you might find their IRC channel (which should be listed on their Alliance page in-game) and then ask in there for whoever you need to talk to. An alliance's IRC channel might also have a link to their forums or in-game page, as well as other useful information.


Aside from the game and alliance channels, there are a plethora of others. There are IRC server related channels, like #Coldfront (because we use coldfront.net IRC), #IRChelp (for IRC related questions) and more. If you happen to be looking for Orbis Baseball League discussion, there's #OBL specifically for that.


The game offers Mibbit as a web client for accessing IRC, which is a straightforward way of accessing IRC. It's available right in your browser, and there's always a link in the sidebar if you need it. If you're getting more seriously into IRC, though, there's other (generally better) clients that you can download. I personally use mIRC, which is free for Windows, but there are a number of other options you can pick from as well.


mIRC (Windows)

HexChat (Windows / Linux)

Colloquy (Max)

KVirc (Windows / Linux / Mac)

IRChon (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.)

AndChat (Android)


All of the above clients should be available for free. Once you've got the client downloaded and installed, it may take a few extra steps to configure it to join irc.coldfront.net and get familiar with the interface. If you need any help, I'd recommend hopping onto #PoliticsandWar via the Mibbit link in the sidebar and asking. You'll likely find someone available with experience to help you out.


Hope that's a useful introduction to how you can use IRC, and that I'll get to see you lurking in #PoliticsandWar!

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