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Canadian News! - The Worldwide War

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With all the story writing, thought I'd join in  :sheepy:

Canadian News!

Canadian Soldiers Stand On Guard

Canadian Infantry were seen at many major crossings, along with our Leopard 1 Tanks. Due to the war, Canada has raised a DEFCON 2 alert. Our soldiers are protecting our major borders, and have been doing a good job so far. Nations near us are all warring, and last night, 12 soldiers were killed after a off-course bomber accidentally released it's bomb. The Canadian military shot the bomber down. The nationality of the plane and soldier were both unidentifiable.



The plane's wreckage. It crashed near a temporary military base.


Canada opens our arms to refugees

People, scarred by the terrors of war, are slowly streaming through our borders. The Canadian Red Cross is providing aid and shelter to them until the war in their homeland ceases. So far an estimated 25,000 refugees have crossed our borders and more are expected.


Canadian Tourist Boat hit by Sea Mine in the middle of the ocean

No deaths have been reported after a Canadian Tourist boat, departing from Quebec City, hit a sea mine 500 miles south of Greenland. The boat was on it's way to Norway. 





The boat lays in the middle of the ocean. The Greenland Coast Guard and the Icelandic Police, Maritime Division, were able to rescue all passengers.

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Glad to hear no one was harmed on board the civilian cruise ship, we offer our condolences to the families of the service men and women lost in the bombing incident.

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Canada is very willing to establish ties with India. PM sent.

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Thank you.

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