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SUPER DUPER SERIOUS : >BlocParty theological thread.


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This thread is for the discussion of the official religion of >Blocparty.


Some say it should be Shrekism.


Others say Heidism.


And a few insane hacks think Rumsodism is still valid.



Perhaps representatives of each religious faction could step forth and enlighten the world of the theological disputes which threaten to tear our alliance apart?

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I still don't understand how people can deny Shrek as our lord and savior.


He died for our sins, you know. He gave up his layers so that we may join him in the Swamp one day.


What has Heidi or Rumsod ever done besides bait you into phisihing scams or spam a game, or fail to properly maintain said game?


Shrek is love.


Shrek is life.

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Though the independent Duchy of Nova Mull supports religious freedom, we remind you that our state religion is Fedorism with Thatcherist and Reaganist minorities. Followers of Shrek are welcome and allowed to practice their faith, but they shall not receive the same tax exemptions. That is, unless they register as a corporation in Nova Mull and register with the appropriate authorities. 

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Heidi has given us strength by teaching us tough lessons.


Heidi has brought about a glorious new dawn through the destruction of the old teetering corrupt system.


Shrek has done nothing but betray and crush hopes with.


Heidi is all.

Heidi is none.

Heidi is you.

Heidi is me.

Heidi is chaos.

Heidi is order.

Heidi is life.

Heidi is death.

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Five un-enlightening threads. One on a subject that got locked already. Bravo, gentlemen.


Sheepy HIMSELF in IRC said that this was a serious thread.


Screenshot incoming. 


Talk to PCers or some members of TOO. My respect is genuine.


And the true clash on Orbis is between Sheepy the Creator and Unkajo the Destroyer. All the rest of us are just Pagans.

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Your live ogre in his swamp.  Your live hacker on his web.  Your live web developer in his coma.  Gods are not living breathing beings, that can drink, or that can smell onions, or that can have illicit conversations on IRC with Kirino.  San Batista recognizes and promotes religion as necessary for a firm moral bedrock for it's people, but real religion, not made up inane ones such as these.  If a founded religion does not have a historical basis for existence it does not receive favorable tax exempt status.


That said, Shrekism is obviously the most sensible to choose of the three listed.

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There will be a time... a time in the darkest,

When Heidism and Shrekism lead to Death and hatred between us...

And in that time Rumsod will return!

I know Rumsod will return and free us foreever from the Beasts of Heidi and Shrek!

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Shrek was bested by /int/.

Heidi, while persistent, could be stopped by Rumsod if Rumsod ever checked in on his creation.

Rumsod has abandoned us.

I therefore reject all of your false faiths. The way of Prussia is the only true way. The house of Hohenzollern lives on to this day, and Prussia itself still survives in a way as Brandenburg. Praise be to Prussia.

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You're all heathens, and have lost the true way. I, personally, can say that the denizens of Better America are all devout followers of Thatcherism, along with a reverence to the old Rumsodian traditions. Never shall we forget the glorious struggles of the holy Thatcher from her divine nation of Freedonia. Truly she was the last bastion on freedom in South America (other than us, of course).

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Bush Land will stay true to the ways of The Life Giving Bush, which grew from the only seed of Yggdrasil. As The Divine Bush I can not allow my people to stray. Through the great bush we survived the Goonpocalypse. Through the holy shrub we prospered. 


We can not simply fallow the teachings of an Ogre that got bested by /int/, we can not trust the infinite one that pushed our dear >bloc of the cliff from wench it hung, and we most certainly can not believe in a so called "creator" that left his creations in irreparable chaos, and refuses to return.

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