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FAQ - Check Out This Thread Before You Post


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There are many bugs reported here that aren't bugs, and are simply reported as a result of user error or a misunderstanding of mechanics. I'm going to try and keep this updated with FAQ so you can get answers quicker and we can have less repeated posts.


My City Isn't Powered When It Should Be


If your city isn't powered, there's a couple key questions you need to ask yourself.


1) Do you enough power plants to meet the needs of your city? Oil and Coal plants power up to 500 infrastructure, so this means you only need one of these plants for 0-500 infra, and 2 plants for 500.01-1000, etc.

2) Do you have enough resources to fuel your power plants? The amount of coal, oil, or uranium mines you have is irrelevant. You need to have the resources available to your nation right now, as in the amounts necessary displayed on the resource bar at the top of the page in-game. You can't use resources you're going to have tomorrow to give you power today.


My City Population is 10 But I Have Lots of Infrastructure


If you're seeing a population of 10, that means your city is suffering from one of several ailments.


1) Your disease rate is really high. To reduce your disease rate, try buying more land. A high population density will kill your citizens, as will lots of pollution.

2) Your crime rate is really high. To reduce your crime rate, you can increase your commerce rate or build police stations.


Changing My Tax Rate Doesn't Change My Income


Tax rates are purely cosmetic, there is no optimal tax rate to make the most money. No matter what your tax rate is, you will generate the same amount of income because average income is inversely proportional.


Why Am I Not Producing Steel?


Steel requires both iron AND coal to be produced. Make sure you have plenty of these raw materials on hand, and then check your revenue page. You can buy both coal and iron on the global market.




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