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Sunbird Financial seeks new clients

Husam al-Ghazawi

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Hello Orbis,

My name is Saeed Taha, and I represent Sunbird Financial, a trading company specializing in the facilitation of global commerce. We excel in sourcing, trading, and distributing everything from raw materials to finished goods. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and integrity, we strive to be the preferred partner for businesses and nations seeking excellence in international trade. I am posting to explore the possibility of establishing a mutually beneficial economic partnership between our organizations.

We are interested in discussing the possibility of securing your resources (ie: raw materials) in larger quantities to meet our growing demands. To facilitate this partnership, we propose exploring a bulk purchase agreement that could include favorable terms such as discounted pricing, flexible payment options, and other mutually beneficial considerations. We are confident that such an arrangement would not only strengthen our supply chain but also contribute to the overall success of both parties.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to hearing from you about the possibility of forming a successful partnership that contributes to the prosperity of your nation and my company.

Best regards,

Saeed Taha
President of Global Commerce & Trading
Sunbird Financial

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I can understand where that may cause some skepticism. If it makes anyone more comfortable, we can start small until trust is built. As a citizen of New Ghaza, we have done nothing to indicate mistrust among Orbis since our inception and are always there for our allies in fighting for right. 

The Kingdom's regulations on trading are strict and will not tolerate any wrongdoings of any kind.

So, in the end, I can only prove it to you if given the opportunity. Thank you.

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