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Colour bloc overhaul suggestion


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A recent topic on raising the bonus of colour blocs got me thinking about how much potential for political discourse and conflict this system could potentially create. So I started brainstorming questionable ideas on how to change the way these colour blocs work.

My suggestion is to slightly tweak the way you control a bloc, the way their revenue is determined and how names are decided.

  1. Blocs are "controlled" by the largest/strongest alliance on said bloc, this means they can name and pick the colour (no duplicates) as they deem fit. If another bloc already has that colour said alliance wants? Then bad luck, guess you have to try declare war or buy it back. To give smaller alliances a chance, a system like "market sharing" or a new treaty will allow them to gather together their 'influence'. However, only one alliance in this 'coalition' could make decisions, making like a protectorate of trade.
  2. The base Blocs are assigned a pre-determined "growth" system, this is before alliances are actually in them. What this means is the top tier bloc would have the potential for a higher max income than 2nd, 2nd would have more than third and so on. This could be something like 10-25% more than the last, with the lowest blocs having the normal cap of 75k that we have now. The idea here is to give alliances a reason to "invade" higher quality blocs since it will directly boost their revenue and adds ways for alliances to push harder terms post war without being overly toxic.
  3. More power to the alliance controlling a bloc. The idea here is the alliance who "controls" the bloc can pick and choose which alliances actually get the bonus revenue. To prevent small alliances from being completely screwed, only the top 3-5 blocs in 'potential growth' get this power which the rest of the blocs would still have dominant alliances but less control over the bloc itself.
  4. Alliances who don't have a direct treaty (Protectorate, MDP etc) but are on the same bloc will cause severe penalties to the turn bonus. The idea here is to prevent whales from different alliances (Looking at you Green) from bundling together for maximum revenue.

This is me mostly spitballing ideas, but I feel like a more dynamic system like this could bring some spice to the game. This would essentially create a "golden goose" where alliances need to determine whether that bonus revenue is worth the target on their back, and people that are rivals (Looking at you green colour bloc) would be less likely to work together since it means conceding power to an enemy.

I know this has flaws such as the influence pirates have on screwing a bloc over, but honestly I think that adds to the fun and risks alliances should be taking.

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Interesting suggestion there! Thanks for sharing! It's a shame that this hasn't gotten more replies. I'm the first, lol. 

Signed, Mega, the kindest person ever! ♥️

Proud Aurora Member

DISCLAIMER: Any post that I make or my response to one is NOT in any way representative of my alliance or its members, its government and its leadership, unless I explicitly state otherwise.

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On 8/31/2022 at 9:58 AM, Mega said:

Interesting suggestion there! Thanks for sharing! It's a shame that this hasn't gotten more replies. I'm the first, lol. 

Yeah, I guess it either got drowned out or was a relatively bad suggestion 😅

(Sorry for the late response for some reason I wasn't given a notification)

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This does seem like a good suggestion, and would change the current colour bloc meta. I like ❤️

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