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Adding Hemp

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I like the idea that we can build recycling centers to hold down pollution, but we don't see any other alternatives to hold back pollution. I would like to propose the addition of Hemp; obtained by an additional upgrade to the current 10 farms policy.

For example, the 11th through the 20th Farm upgrade will be at a higher cost, the Hemp farms would reduce pollution in a city by 15 or 30 points each as this reflects real life data that Hemp processes more CO2 than most other plants.
I also like the idea of Hemp farms producing Oil to refine. IRL you can take Hemp-Seed oil and pour it into a diesel engine, it will run.
I want a pollution solution but i also know if we add Hemp we might as well make it a little more realistic and have farms produce something. Oil is realistic.
"Biodiesel has been successfully used in Europe for over 20 years and has covered 30 million US road miles"
quote from the website below
I hope this gets trending in the forums i would absolutely pay money to see this happen. Ive already donated hopefully the admins will see this and code it up.
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I think having more "crops" for farms seems like an interesting mechanic from a purely mechanics standpoint.
Just randomly introducing just hemp tho seems to not fit in with the rest of the game.

I have no idea how to add more crops with each slightly diffrent effects in a balanced way.

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