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Suggestions for Politics and War

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So as you all know Politics and War is a great game but it will boring overtime, games like Roblox, Fortnite, Call of duty, Warzone etc. are action games and interesting, here are tips, you should add schools for commerce, if you upgrade schools which cost money more people will graduate since they will be smarter they will have good jobs which increase commerce, you can upgrade manufacturing for example with steel mill does 1 steel a turn you can upgrade it like if you upgrade it 3 times it will do 2.50, 0.50 an upgrade. make project slots every 3500 infra you get a project because 5000 is to much.

dont hate plz 

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22 minutes ago, TheUnknownWolf said:

more people will graduate since they will be smarter they will have good jobs

I wish.....

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I like the Roblox idea.  Let's make Politics and War a 3D game made in Unity, where you attack other nations through FPS first person shooting of your soldiers against their soldiers. You'd get resources by digging voxel squares from other countries, and your airplanes would be assembled from those same squares and used to shoot down their country.  I play Roblox with my 13 year old nephew, so I can totally see this as possible.  

Instead of having to click a button to build a city, you'd have to assemble it yourself like a Lego City building kit.  And while you're trying to build it, other people will be sending 3D units at you.  I know whenever I'm trying to build something in Roblox, my nephew is laughing his ass off smashing planes and cars into my structures.  

In fact, there's not a single aspect of Politics and War that can't be improved in this manner by switching the programming language to C#.  I figure it would take Alex anywhere from 15 minutes to 43 years to do this, but it's totally doable and possible.  This is truly the most awesome idea to make P&W less boring, Kangerson!

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