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What were you doing (or trying to do): Attck a nation on test after declaring

What happened (describe thoroughly please): While testing out various aspects of the game I came across a peculiar issue after declaring on one specific nation. I would go to issue an attack (whether it was ground, air or naval, the same things happened) the attack proceeded as normal but when I clicked go back to war page after a successful attack, no maps had been spent, no military unites used up and resistance remained the same. After ruling out that it was the computer I was on, the browser (firefox initially) I was using, any browser add-ons, my vpn ect I logged off, then back on again, issue persisted. I logged off, rebooted my pc logged back on and issue persisted. I tried using different browsers, chrome, and chronium) I tried using a different computer, same problem, tried using the mobile phone to do the attack, same problem. I discovered the only attack I could do was a nuclear one, so I did that. after 12 maps I attempted another nuclear attack and the problem popped up again. I eventually traced the probelm to the names in some of the nation's cities. some were named City xx, and come were named Cítч xx. the ones named Cítч xx I couldnt even nuke, the ones named City xx I could, so I determined that the use of the odd characters in the cities named Cítч were the problem and not on my end.

Link to page: nation with the odd city names https://test.politicsandwar.com/nation/id=196908

Any other relevant information: After discovering this bug I thought, wow, if this bug existed on live, it could make a nation invincible, they could attack anyone they wanted and no one could attack them back.... this is a MAJOR game breaker IMO. I have not tested it on live as to do so even as a test could be seen as exploiting a bug. so I hand this off to you


Screenshot: (if available)


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I updating the encoding on that table in the database, will you let me know if you're still having the issue now please?

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