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Petra Mandzukic

Political Crises: Which path will you take

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In the upcoming elections, the previous biparty political system started to crack, and multiple parties have come to fruit trying to take control. 

The country, further divided has broken into further divisions, and the two previous parties, Republican and Democratic parties are starting to make alliances to try to defeat the newly created parties. The country can go through the following paths

Republican-Democratic League:


This uneasy alliance between the Republicans and Democrats was created in an attempt to eliminate the newly created powers that have gained many followers and allies. If this league wins, their will be no change in US held lands.


Zelevas Project: 


Number of powerful families have aligned to create a new system, under the leadership of Zelevas, one of the richest people in the United States. Under the Zelevas Project, if won, they would reform the United States under a Central Monarchy, blaming the loss of the East Coast on slow bureaucracy and weak public, they promise the American people they would drastically change the government to ensure such devestating losses will not happen again. The founders of this group are also supported largely by the biggest corporations inside the United States.  


Union of Socialist States of America


The US Communist Party blames the revolts against the United States for its weakend state that allowed the loss of the East Coast and they firmly believe that the ultra-capitalistic system is to blame for the revolts throughout the East Coast. The smallest of the four parties, they still have gained massive gains in popularity, even with the Republican-Democratic League and the Zelevas Project constantly campaigning against them.


Systems Alliance

The Systems Alliance believes the current path is to push for massive research, peaceful coexistent with the other world powers and pursue of Neutrality to continue it's research, primarily into Space technology and in hopes of eventually colonizing Mars. The Alliance is highly supported by Research companies, scientists and pro-peace advocates, since the other parties have shown beliefs that interventionism is the only way to protect the nation.  


Main goals of each party:

Republican-Democratic Party wishes to restore the glory of the United States and it's naval power to protect global trade. They will drastically focus all resources on rebuilding the US Navy to send its influence into the world and ensure its economic security goals are met. They will also support any policies that allow Free Trade and Corporations staying on top.


Zelevas Project's main goal is to create a Central Monarchy, with imperialistic goals, create alliances to create a economic boom that would eventually fund research into space to find more resources to exploit. The God of Commerce is the major influence in their philosophy, and with promises of more control to the Corporations to create their own mini-empires, many companies have donated heavily into the Zelevas Project


Union of Socialist States of America(USSA) The US Communist Party, wants to create the Union of Socialist States of America and to end privatization. If they win, they will plan to secure their positions within the current US borders until they can financially and materially supply revolutions across the globe.  


Systems Alliance wishes to create a Federation of states that would focus heavily on research. They have publicly stated that if selected, the United States governance would be disbanded and a Federation would take its place, and the main goal is protect the current citizens under its rule, allow free trade, and take a non-intervention path and claim Neutrality to avoid any global wars. Their path would be one of the more peaceful options.


With that, only time will tell what will happen.

(OOC: You can influence the path by supporting a party. If you support a party, it will increase the chances of that party winning and etc.)

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An official response from the Witch Council

When questioned by RNN reporters on the matter, Eva-Beatrice of the Witch Council issued the following response:

"Although Rokkenjima doesn't involve itself with American affairs most of the time, let it be known that we support the current bi-party system. It may be true that both parties are complete failures in getting anything useful accomplished, but it is still better than the alternatives. Corporations should not be allowed to hold anymore power. That would only allow corruption and anti-consumer practices. Communist regimes cannot be allowed to exist anywhere, especially in America. Rokkenjima may take military action if the USSA is established to quickly and decisively snuff out Communism in North America. Lastly, the Systems Alliance would only further weaken the United States, and open them up to being taken advantage of further. That is our official stance on the matter."


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Republican-Democratic League: (+5%)(30%)

Zelevas Project:(+9%)(39%)


Systems Alliance( +6)(31%)


Riots broke out after the Republican-Democratic controlled congress tried to pass a law to outlaw the USSA and Zelevas parties. The FBI has suspicions that the Zelevas Project used a smear campaign against the republican-Democratic League that incited protesting that led to the riots, cities across California and Texas experienced the heaviest. The Union of Socialists States of America and the party that represents the idea had also lost 99% of its supporters after the rioting, with the majority of them being arrested and the rest fleeing the USSA party and joining up with the System's Alliance. 

Members of the System's Alliance has officially condemned the acts of the rioters, however they also state the riots could of been avoided if the corrupt status quo did not try to outlaw their main rivals. The System's Alliance members will be working with relief teams to provide aid to the injured and cleaning out the mess left after these major riots across the country.

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After a good amount of deliberation Britannia would enter into the USA elections on the side of the current standing government. With the recent protests and the need to avoid a war on the continent between the USA and Britannia has allowed Britannia to subtly influence the election on the side of the current government. Using various network-masking devices and other programs to avoid being caught Britannia has entered into this foreign race. 

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"Today, our intelligence committee has detected large amount of activity that we believe is an attempt to influence the upcoming elections, which has made us reevaluate our current Foreign Policies, we do not have definite proof of foreign interference as every trace took us all over the globe, but there seems to be a coordinated attempt to assist the Republican-Democratic League and to ensure progress halts within the current borders of the United States. If our suspicions are correct, we cannot take a firm neutral position that we previously envisioned, and America must increase its diplomatic and economic pressure around the globe to drag out conspirators to interfere in our elections. For progress, we cannot allow the status quo to continue, nor can we afford the Zelevas Project to win the majority of Congress. On election week, remember to vote for equality, progress and pushing the American continent into the world's leading Scientific heaven and Economic prosperity. Vote for your local System's Alliance Candidate for a chance to overcome our corrupt systems, and to finally close the loopholes in our election cycles. Lets become the world's push for the Final Frontier, Space!"

Statement made by: System's Alliance Spokesperson Jessica Hopkins.


Public Support of the Parties

+9% Systems Alliance(40%)

-9% Zelevas Project(30%)

+1% Republican-Democratic League(31%)

USSA Project candidates have dropped out of the race and teamed with the System's Alliance(0.00%)

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With the prospect of free trade, advanced research as well and it's non-interventionist policy, The Kingdom of Sweden has agreed to

publicly support The Systems Alliance, believing that a victory for them can lead to and improvement in relations between the two parties.

The Systems Alliance has also shown to be a party focused on the needs of the people especially with their assistance to relief teams in

the aftermath of the previous riots. With that, Swedish diplomats have been sent out in official envoys to help assist The Systems Alliance

with their campaign, spreading support as well as providing partial funding for them as well.

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The Zelevas Project becoming a major threat to both groups, the League and the System's Alliance have come to an agreement to combine the two groups, under the banner of the System's Alliance. Effectively splitting the nation in a 52%(System's Alliance)/48%(Zelevas Project) split. 

The Agreement:

The Coalition Against Tyranny Agreement

The System Alliance, if gains control, will:

  • Disband the US Government and Replaced with the System's Alliance Federation
  • President Elizabeth McCord will be the first Prime Minister(head of State)
  • Congress will be replaced by the System Parliament
  • US Court System will be replaced with the Systems Judiciary System
  • US Military will be re-branded
  • Foreign Policy will be mostly Neutral, and only intervening when necessary for National Security reasons.
  • Large Investment into Space Technology. Virtual Intelligence and Weaponry
  • Reorganization of the economy to create a flourishing Private Sector while limiting their power and control.
  • Attempt to create a true Free Trade agreement on the American continent to push the American Continent as the Primary Economic power of the world
  • Create Agreements in Asia, Europe and Africa to create interests within the world in attempt to create a more stabilized and peaceful world
  • Outlawing Corporate Lobbying within Government




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With the Congress fully under System's Alliance representatives, the Federation of the System's Alliance Agreement has been signed into law, officially disbanding the United States Federal government and the creation of the System's Alliance. The Following system has been enacted:


Prime Minister(Head of Government) - Lead's the Domestic and Foreign Policies and operations of governmental Operations. This position has elections every time there is a new Parliament unless a Vote of Confidence is held. If Passed, the leading party will be forced to elect a new Prime Minister and if they cannot choose within 2 weeks, general elections opens for the Parliament will be open, and Candidates will run to become a Member of Parliament, also known as MP.

First Prime Minister: Elizabeth McCord

President(Head of State) - Mostly a ceremonial Role, the only real authority the President has is being the Commander-in-Chief of the System's Alliance Armed Forces. The President, in the event of a passing of Vote of Confidence

First President: Amul Shastri


Legislative Branch:

The Parliament contains the following houses:

Lower House: The Lower House is equivalence to the House of Representatives, and chosen the same way. 

Higher House: Equivalent to the Senate and chosen the same way. 

Elections for the Lower House is every 4 years, elections for the Higher House is 8 years.

Ruling Party: Majority

Minority: Opposition

During Election years, the Houses will be dissolved until elections are over and then recreated.


Judicial Branch:

Exact system of the US Judicial Branch transferred over.







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Inside the System's Alliance

Full Membership:

 Has fully integrated into the Systems Alliance. Even though the states still have individual control over their own lands, have their own head of states and local governments, they are forbidden from having private armies, laws must not contradict Alliance laws. However they do get to participate in the Parliament.

States must have agreed to the following terms:

  • Submits to the Federal Government of the System's Alliance's Constitution
  • Pays Federal Taxes 
  • Follows Systems Alliance's laws passed by Parliament.
  • Integrated their Armed Forces into the Systems Alliance's Armed Forces
  • Integrates into Alliance lifestyle.
  • Freedom to Travel between states
  • Free Trade and right to work within each state without special documentations. 

Current Full Memberships:

  • Commonwealth of Texas(red)
  • Commonwealth of Midwestern States(Pink)
  • Commonwealth of Western States(brown)
  • Commonwealth of Oregon(yellow)
  • Republic of California(not including Hawaii)(purple)
  • City State of New York City


Client States:

These are Independent States that have become defacto-states within the Alliance. These States have increased Independence, having control over their own government, military and economic policies, however does not get representation within the Systems Alliance's Parliament and must follow any laws passed by Parliament(In practice- the Military numbers are integrated into the Systems Alliance's military to follow RP rules)

  • Mutual Defense Agreement
  • Research Cooperation
  • Free Trade
  • Freedom of Travel

Current Client States:

  • Hawaii


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Independence and Defense Program

Independent nations can apply for the Independence and Defense Program - IDP - which grants the following:

  • Guaranteed Independence
  • Mutual Defense

Guaranteed Independence: If you apply for this half of the Program, and approved, the Systems Alliance will publically announce that your independence is guaranteed by the Systems Alliance Government. This will have the following effects: The Systems Alliance will be obligated to come to a nations defense militarily, politically and/or economically threatened while the nation itself does not have any obligations to enter any defensive or offensive war the Systems Alliance enters. 


Mutual Defense: Nations that apply for the Mutual Defense will create a standardized Mutual Defense Pact with the following terms must be included:

  • A Non-chaining agreement is created. If any parties enters a war offensively and gets countered, the party not involved is not obligated to enter the war, but is encouraged to do so.
  • Must be renewed every 8 years.

Nations within the IDP:


Special Economic Zone:

Nations within the Special Economic Zones are independent nations where Parliament laws have no impact over, however has a form of trade agreement with the Systems Alliance. However all businesses operating within the Systems Alliance must follow all regulations and pay appropriate taxes here and any tax of the nation they come from may impose. 

To be placed in the Special Economic Zone, a nation must meet the following criteria

  • Free Trade
  • All foreign businesses within Alliance Full Members and Client Members borders must follow Systems Alliance's Laws and Regulations
  • All foreign businesses must pay any appropriate tax and the Alliance is not responsible for any tax the home nation may impose on any transactions and/or income made in Alliance borders and is solely responsible of the business entity.
  • Research Cooperation Agreement*1
  •  Freedom of travel*2

Current Nations:


Potential Nations: Holy Britannian Empire - Re-negotiations over a trade agreement in progress - assumption of the trade agreement between the previous US government, now known as the Systems Alliance, has been voided by the Britannian government.


Lower Economic Zone:

Lower Economic Zone members are nation that have agreed to solely import/export transactions. Foreign business entities from foreign nations have been forbidden from personally entering Alliance markets either by Systems Alliance or the Foreign government

  • Export/Import agreement only
  • Merchandise must meet Regulations.while being imported into the Systems Alliance.




*1 Research Cooperations can be limited to certain fields

*2 A restrictive agreement can be approved to bypass the Freedom of Travel requirement. 

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  • Ensuring Liberty
  • Advancement of Research and Development
  • Safety
  • Law and Order
  • Justice


We, the citizens of this federation of states within the Systems Alliance, hereby recognize this as our Charter; We do so in the desire to establish justice, liberty and equality for all citizens of our country.


First Amendment: Freedom of Expression

  • Article 1. Freedom of expression- This document guarantees the citizens right to not be prosecuted for showing expression in the ways of speech, writing and lifestyle that does not threaten the National Security of the Alliance.
  • Article 2: Freedom of/from Religion - Every Citizen in the Alliance has the right to worship any God or to not to worship and laws embracing any religion is strictly prohibited by this document.
  • Article 3: Freedom of the Press - The Alliance shall not infringe on the rights of a free Press - however the State can create a federalized Press 
  • Article 4: Freedom to Assembly - The Systems Alliance guarantees the right to peaceful assembly of any Citizen(s) to protest, organize and/or promote ideas.

Second Amendment: Right to Self Defense

The Systems Alliance allows citizens to use lawful use of weapons, however Parliament can determine which weapons are lawful and which force is lawful.

Third Amendment: Quartering of Soldiers

No homeowner will be forced to house Systems Alliance Armed Forces unless during a National Emergency.

Fourth Amendment: Unreasonable Searches and Seizes

The Fourth Amendment bars the government from unreasonable search and seizure of an individual or their private property.

Fifth Amendment: Right to a Speedy Trial

The Fifth Amendment provides several protections for people accused of crimes and states that serious criminal charges must be started by a grand jury.  A person cannot be tried twice for the same offense (double jeopardy) or have property taken away without just compensation. People have the right against self-incrimination and cannot be imprisoned without due process of law (fair procedures and trials.)

Sixth Amendment: Speedy Trial

The Sixth Amendment provides additional protections to people accused of crimes, such as the right to a speedy and public trial, trial by an impartial jury in criminal cases, and to be informed of criminal charges. Witnesses must face the accused, and the accused is allowed his or her own witnesses and to be represented by a lawyer. 

The Seventh Amendment: Federal Cases

The Seventh Amendment extends the right to a jury trial in Federal civil cases.

The Eighth Amendment: Unreasonable bails and Punishment

The Eighth Amendment bars excessive bail and fines and cruel and unusual punishment.

The Ninth Amendment: Other Rights

The Ninth Amendment states that listing specific rights in this Charter does not mean that people do not have other rights that have not been spelled out.



Executive Branch consist of the following:

  • Prime Minister and his/her Cabinet Ministers
  • President and the Ministry of Defense

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is the head of Government and is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Managing Government Operations
  • creating Domestic National Policies
  • Creating Foreign Affairs Policies
  • Internal Security and Intelligence 

The Prime Minister is not elected by elections within the population, and is chosen by the Parliament, and stays in power as long as the Parliament chooses for. For Parliament to remove the Prime Minister a vote of confidence must be initiated, and a 2/3 vote must pass. 


The President is elected every 4 years and can only serve two terms. The President is Head of State and is Commander in Chief of the Systems Alliance Armed Forces. Mostly a ceremonial role, however the President controls the Armed forces, Ministry of Defense and the Military Intelligence services and is the sole person with the ability to declare war.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is the Parliament of the Systems Alliance and has two houses, Lower House and Higher House. The Lower House have elections every 4 years and seats are based off State population while the Higher House every state has 2 seats per state and elections are every 8 years. Members of both houses will be called Ministers in Parliament(MPs). During Election time, Parliament will dissolve the house and recreate the house once elections are over. Only Parliament can create Laws. Parliament does not have the right to declare war however, they can impeach the President and revoke the declaration if deemed necessary and only Parliament can sign Peace Agreements. 

Judiciary Branch

the branch of government charged with the interpretation of laws and the administration of justice; the judiciary. The Parliament chooses the Judges and Justices of Federal Courts, while State courts judges and justices are chosen by their state's laws. The Supreme Court of the Systems Alliance is the only Federal Court mandated by this Charter.




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