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The Sino-Rokkenjima War

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The People's Republic of China vs. Rokkenjima

The conflict began in January when protestors in Hong Kong succeeded in taking over the city's Central Government Complex and killing pro-mainland members of government. They seceded from mainland China, declaring themselves as the independent Republic of Hong Kong. The Witch Council of Rokkenjima quickly took action, meeting with Hong Kong's new government where an annexation agreement was reached. Hong Kong would become sovereign Rokkenjiman territory in exchange for protection from the People's Republic of China.

Immediately following the annexation of Hong Kong, the People's Republic of China declared war on Rokkenjima. China wasted no time attempting to take back Hong Kong by force. City defenses managed to hold out until Rokkenjima's main forces arrived, securely defending Hong Kong's border. In the north, Rokkenjima's Armed Forces crossed into Manchuria from Korea. Naval invasions took place all along the Chinese coast. By the end of the month, Manchuria and China's eastern coast from Beijing to Shanghai was securely under Rokkenjiman control. Fighting continues as both nations find themselves at war with each other once again.

Fighting continued into February with Rokkenjiman ground and air forces pushing further into the provinces of Shandong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang. The city of Macau was also captured by Rokkenjiman forces pushing into the city from Hong Kong. There has yet to be a major counterattack from Chinese forces as they attempt to regroup and reorganize following Rokkenjima's aggressive push into its territory.

On February 4, the Chinese autonomous region of Tibet declared its independence from the People's Republic of China. Citizens of the territory took up arms supplied by foreign countries in an attempt to topple the Chinese military presence in the region. Rokkenjima declared its support for Tibet later the same day, promising to send reinforcements to Tibetan rebels upon request.

On March 5, the People's Republic of China and Rokkenjima signed a ceasefire due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Asia. No further combat between the two nations would occur beyond this point, thus ending the Sino-Rokkenjima War.

PRC Casualties:

Civilian: ~610

Military: ~170,000

Rokkenjima Casualties:

Civilian: 0

Military: 50


Front line changes:




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CIA Director's Office, New HQ

Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA

Report: 525-CA

Confidential: High Level Clarence Needed to access


With the Chinese being previously, our largest rival, many members of the Intelligence and Military communities have publicly supported Rokkenjima's actions and have called for US Officially supporting Rokkenjima. However, congress has already the United States of America will not support Rokkenjima in any official capacity. The Director of the CIA, Owen Hall has secretly approved a small group to anonymously assist and provide intelligence to the Rokkenjima's Armed Forces. If agents on the ground are to be detected, they are to commit suicide after activating every self destruct protocols on all electronic devices, and wiping any drives that could compromise the operation. 


Every agent will be Chinese and Korean nationals within the CIA, and will arrive to their designated areas within 3 days. All weapons and equipment they use will be easily accessible, to ensure they do not have a way to be traced back to the CIA or American government, and if caught, the United States will destroy any evidence showing evidence connecting the agent to the United States and disavow its involvmenet.


Operation Protocols: 

US Agent will deliver a hard drive containing Intelligence to a Rokkenjima's force, using weak encryption. While staying out of site, it will be left where Rokkenjima's Armed Forces could easily find it. If agent risks of being seen by a Rokkenjima soldier, they will abort and try to give the data later.

If caught, using a EMP Device to destroy anything on the agent will be used before injecting a lethal dose of potassium into their heart to alter the heart’s rhythm to cause enough damage to kill the agent.

US Agents will only attack if necessary. If escape isnt an option, then the EMP Device and Lethal Dose protocol is necessary

Agents are forbidden from attacking Rokkenjima's forces, and if cornered must resort to the EMP DEvice and Lethal Dose Protocol.

Minimal Contact is required, and only long enough to send data, but short enough to keep from being detected.


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Weapons began to flow from the corporation into the Asian theater. Criminal elements in Sino territories would quickly be armed with the basic toys to make them a threat to your underprepared soldier. The corporation would only be linked through a few degrees, an honest accounting error should anyone ask. The same elements would also be given incentives to remove any mainland government operatives within their own territory. The company had no stake on either side of course but ensuring a successful transition had it's own benefits should the Triads and other groups maintain their order following the governmental change.


Publicly there was not even a whisper, the thousands of channels preferring to focus on the company returning to space, rockets sprouting from the equator to fill the sky once more.

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Events up to March 5 have been added.

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