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NatRP 2.0 Rules and Regulations (Live, but a draft)

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Current Rules: (Draft)

Map Rules:

·         An in-game nation is required to participate in National Roleplay. Nations in vacation mode will still be able to participate.

·         Colony rules TBD

·         Following the initial calendar month, you are permitted to expand at a maximum of four provinces per month. Each expansion requires a post to validate it.

·         Additional colonies of your nation are capped at five, with a maximum of twenty provinces each. Conjoining separate colonies is not allowed.

·         You may move up to four of your own provinces per month to another location on the map. If you choose to do so, a post is required for each time you move land.

·         You must post at least once every thirty days to remain active on the map. Inactive nations will be removed. If you will be in a situation which renders you unable to post, please say so in the discord or let myself now so that it may be recorded down.

·         All map claims must be made within the National Roleplay map thread. Any claims received elsewhere will be considered invalid.

·         All claims must be requested within the National Roleplay map thread prior to the creation of the post associated with it. You will have twenty-four hours following your request to attach a link to your post to validate your expansion. Failure to meet the twenty-four hour requirement will result in your request becoming void.

·         You may gift land to other players, but at a maximum of four provinces per month. In addition, the gifted land must either border the receiving nation’s existing land, or a major body of water. A post is required for each time you choose to gift land.

·         You may not loan land which exceeds four provinces to another player.

·         If you are receiving land from another player as a gift, please provide explicit proof within your reply if it has not been presented already.

.          If the country most of your provinces are on (I.E You claim the UK) you are allowed to claim "some" pieces of land that are far away (Falklands) as part of your starting provinces. (This rule can be overturned if people don't like it, this is a draft)



National Roleplay Rules:

·         You must create a post in the subforum within two days of signing up, regardless of whether your nation has been added to the map yet. Once you have made your post you will be added to the map.

·         Each post you create must contain at least five sentences to be considered valid. Replies to your own posts will count so long as it carries on the story.

·         You must make reasonable posts and requests from other players in this community.

·         Any development by your nation must be played out over a reasonable amount of time. No matter how advanced you may be, things do not just happen overnight.

·         If knowledge of something is posted in a manner which would render you unable to know about it, then you may not use this knowledge in any way or for any purpose. It isn’t forbidden for you to make an assumption that another nation or player may do something, but you will not know for sure unless such knowledge becomes public.

·         Consent is only required for war. Non-violent posts made without consent are acceptable. (Example: Player A sent military jets through Player B’s airspace without permission. It is up to Player A to respond to Player B’s actions as they see fit.) Basically, if it isn’t a direct attack on your nation, consent isn’t required.

   ·         All weapons that are magical/sci-fi must have a modern counterpart. All weapons and other supplies (Including civilian) must be modern in a sense of 2010s and earlier on. (In development or non-mass produced doesn't count)


The war system is in development and is expected to go live Monday, you can leave feedback/view it here: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/27854-map-natrp-20-war-system-experimental/



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