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Cool Bear

Unable to Send Private Messages When Muted?

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This didn't affect me personally, but I'm posting it on behalf of my friends who were affected by this. In accordance with the rules of the subforum, I asked my friends and they might later post " specific evidence as it relates to the technical support report " (I requested a screenshot of the error message). 

What were you doing (or trying to do): Send a PM to a moderator while muted.

What happened (describe thoroughly please): Was not allowed to send a PM (to anyone).

Link to page: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/messenger/

Any other relevant information: 

It gives you the same "You are restricted from posting content" as trying to do a forum post.


Screenshot: N/A


Anyways, if you ARE supposed to be able to send private messages while muted, can that be fixed or can an alternate means of contacting the moderators be given, for people affected by this bug (assuming it's a bug)?

I know Olive checked herself for the case of "7 0-point warnings given to an account with no warnings causes the account not to be muted", but in this case, I'm asking about what happens when the account is muted, such as from a warning that gives points (not a verbal warning that gives 0 points).



EDIT: also I know everything has a weird background but that's because I can't find where to remove the background color of the text (not just the text color) :(

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After extensively checking the settings, I wasn't able to find a setting to change this, so for now if the member is muted, they will need to get in contact via different method. I am working on a way to create an alternative contact method for members who have been muted. 

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Alright so for now, if you need to get in contact, you can contact @Alex on discord(Alex_PW#4970), ingame or you can get in contact with me via email at: [email protected]


I will try to create a discord account soon and join the official Politics and War discord server when I have a chance to get on my desktop

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