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An IC conversation regarding OOC beliefs

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I have worked towards the same objective ever since I decided to inhabit this world among my many others, a secure planet where balance exists and global resources are unlimited, nations can all live as regional powers as minimum,  and global powers as a large minority capable of effectively using the various tools required for such capacity.

I have been open and honest about my intentions moreso than most and explicit in what my goals are. There will be either strip mines upon any planetary resources, or global projects to allow the endless stream of materials to and from space to begin. I have no allies, and have no loyalties beyond advancement of my goals. I have allied and betrayed nearly every player of the great game and dont really care how the cards end up in any iteration we have had so far. 

For a while I had wondered if perhaps I was the problem, weeping due to lack of worlds to conquer and all that. After contemplating the issue I have realized the real issue is a lack of a concrete resolution. Perhaps there needs to be a conversation among the nations that be about war limitations instead, a removal of war being an immediate wipe of a nation, and instead an option of a limited loss if you fight it out, and less limited if you choose to immediately quit the conflict. 

A strange problem that exists in this world is many stalemates end up being surrender or ragequits instead, where the wars could have easily been pyrrhic victories at best for the invader or incredible defeats due to over extended supply lines. 

Examples from other worlds of limpet mines or a slight technical assistance to protesters allows for rather creative examples of wars that are fought without traditional conflict, does it take me spelling out options of how to slay the dragon, or simply refusing to play the character who I have always been in order to appease the peanut gallery which makes up a majority of the community?

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I’m willing to assume most players do not want there to be any interference with their RP (outside of the rules) or the world in which the RP takes place. The days are gone of when the RP was new and people interacted with each other for the first time freely. There were no formal rules back then, and the RP was still civil. The problems that plague the RP now are lack of community interest, and the fact that older players like myself can’t get back into it without being automatically targeted by players who still hold a grudge. I would say the solution is to start fresh, but that isn’t really right. At this point, a new RP community is what’s needed to revive the subforum. I don’t really have an interest in coming back, and I’m better at character interaction over nation roleplay anyway. Just my thoughts.

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