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Raoul Duke

The Horsemen

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Do you have ten cities? (This is negotiable if you’re motivated)

Do you log in everyday?

Do you want more cities and an adequate war chest?

Do you know what a war chest is?

Do you mind taking an occasional nuke in defense of your fellow alliance members?

Do you want to usher in a complete and final apocalypse upon Orbis (eventually…like way..way..way. far from now. We haven’t picked a date. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned this part.)

If you answered yes to at least 1 one of those questions listed above then you may have what it takes to become one of The Horsemen.

Don’t be intimidated.

We know you are either new or currently some kind of knight/pirate/god/or… knight but consider what it might be like to be a Horseman.

We will help you grow.

You pay no taxes. (That’s right, keep your own money. You can play keno all day.)

You might be wondering how we can simultaneously fund cities while raking in zero taxes.


Some folks call it alchemy but we prefer to call it: “Hey, Horseman X needs a city, let’s all donate what we can afford.”

We have guides available but you don’t have to follow them. If you want 9 coal mines and 7 nuclear power plants per city…go right ahead. It’s your nation. You make the call.

(The above city configuration is not recommended.)

You can be a soldier in some guy’s army or you can be one of The Horsemen.

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