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Creating a Custom Flag on iOS - Ivan Ivanov

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This tutorial was submitted by @Ivan Ivanov on December 24, 2018. Thank you Ivan!


First, you want to download the iOS app Flag Designer (or any other flag designing app, this one worked best for me)



Open up the app, and create the flag for you would like for your nation/alliance (we’ll use my flag as an example)



Save the flag to your photo album, then head to this website:



Once there, tap on browse and select your flag from your photos.



In the new screen that comes up, you want to open the box where you can resize the picture, and choose “custom”.



The flag size requirements in Politics and War is 1000x600 pixels, so enter these dimensions into the boxes.



Choose any special effects you’d like then like “I’m done, save my picture!”



You’ll come to this screen. At this screen you want to tap on the magnifying glass over the paper icon; view image.




Now you’ll see your new resized flag. Press and hold on it and tap “save image”.



Now all that’s left to do is upload your flag!



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