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The Invasion of Orbis by the Star Dragon Empire of Dragonisia

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A power unquestioned on many worlds, the Dragon Empire had found Orbis after searching for another world of easily accessible resources. The Emperor, Maelstrom Vortex, ordered the portals constructed and gnome tinkers went to work interlinking the far flung colonies of the behemoth. The first boots hit the ground on Orbis and cities went up as fast as construction time allowed as the Empire aggressively expanded through the wilderness. The Banner of the New Pacific Order flew high overhead as Dragons poured through the portal wearing jetpacks with missiles and cannons under wings in supersonic flight suits. The rural peoples of Orbis could not help but yield to their new Dragon Overlords and their supremely advanced technology. 

Eventually, following his armies, the Emperor and his beloved would come to Orbis to survey it and the work of his forces. "Another world to set right and to Order in the name of Pacifica." He snorted as he smiled at the battles in the distance as the new law of the land was laid to root against stiff resistance. 

"Does it always have to be this violent?" Koudoawaia inquired of Maelstrom. 

"Only initially my dear one. We must establish a beachhead.. and it won't be given us by this world's occupants without a fight. Once that's done and we demonstrate our capabilities, then the next step is peaceful negotiation of terms for co-existence. We only negotiate from a position of strength."

He opened coms to Emperor Roquentin and Lord of Darkness.. "We're here, thanks for the resources, it's making this much easier. Holding for instructions." The Dragon of War had arrived.

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Maelstrom was away in another world when war finally came to Orbis. The empire had built to a sizable force relative to other nations on the world, having rapidly built modern cities and brought modern technologies to the wilderness from Bob. Flights of Dragons in jet suits scorched the sky with contrails as preparations for a war of retaliation began against an old foe of the Order on Orbis.

Furyion, Maelstrom's general, had to rush back from that realm through a portal gate in order to take to his command which had begun operating without his presence. The call had come late in the night, to strike Tanzalore as part of operation Everstorm. The bombers were flushed.. with only minor escorts. The target's air-force was either non-existent or already in ruins.  The first day's strike saw half the enemy's navy gone. The second day saw it on the bottom of the ocean outside of the city of Chiconis, which it had bombarded and set up blockade. This was the might and majesty of the Dragon Wraith Squadron at war. They were legend on Bob, they would be legend here soon. It was only a matter of time.

Fury had managed to join in on the second raid of the blockading fleet and commanded it personally, "Well done, Fury." Maelstrom congratulated him. "Now it's just the tanks and the infantry left. I don't want any "highway of death" incidents. Keep the shots clean and if necessary have the men use their zinc-titanium zirconium reinforced hydraulics to swarm and tear apart the tanks. No civilian deaths if they can be avoided. As for the soldiers.. make sure theirs are dieing for their country.. and not ours. But show mercy and capture those that surrender. 

"As always my Emperor." Furyion quietly stood with his hind claw atop a disassembled stryker APC glancing across the battlefield. What few other nations on Orbis knew, but would rapidly come to realize.. is Dragonisia's airforce.. is also the bulk component of its army and marines. "Glory to the Order, may the people of this land live in Liberty, Peace, and Prosperity!" He roared out to his strike team which roared back, "Hoooaaaah!"

They swarmed through the city of Mardilaou in their armored suits fighting block to block against the biped infantry. Hours later a secondary front was opened and began sweeping through the city of  Tanzaheim. Resistance was becoming lighter and lighter as armored columns were wiped out repeatedly under heavy precision ordinance and.. well.. dragons simply tearing them apart with augmented mechanical strength. 


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Retaliation was swift.. Tanzalore ground forces (actual tanks and soldiers) began strikes on Neo Francograd and Chiconis.. what remained of their tanks and troops pouring through the outskirts of the cities.  

Furyion hissed at the ground commanders for having been so woefully prepared for the assault.  The Air Forces would have to take steps to make up for the bipeds malfeasance and lack of proper diligence. 

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Bent over the strategic map, Villain frowned at the new development of the war. 

“Can't we catch a breath..?” 

“Excuse me, sir?”

The young officer looked at Villain with a worried look. 

“What? Oh nothing..”

he stretched his back and rubbed his eyes.

“Please repeat the report” 

The young officer snapped to attention and with a formal salute he repeated

“it seems a fourth opponent has starting bombing runs, sir. These scoundrels are affiliated with NPO and…” 

The sound of the decanter smashing against the wall silenced the young officer, and he stared wide eyed while crystallized glass flew in all directions. 

“God fricking dammit!” Villain screamed in frustration. 

“Where is our back up?, where is FELKEY!” 

the young officer, shivering, stuttered 

S-sir, we have l-lost our airforce and our ground forces are engaged in defence of the cities” 

Villain suddenly sat down with an melancholy expression. 

He took his glass and reached for the decanter, immediately remembering he shattered it. He then slowly put the glass down with a smile beginning to form on his lips. 

“You haven't mentioned Admiral Manapol..” 

His eyes fixed on the young officer. 

“How is the notorious Constantine during with his surprise attack on the Hotel nation?” 

The young officer seem to get more relaxed and replied smartly. 

“The Admiral lost the primary fleet in the first days of the war”

he allowed a cocky smile.

“But you know the Admiral, he'll use a mined fishing boat as a missile if need be.” 

The officer looked through his report. 

“he have rendered the foes unable to continue and have sacked their capital.” 

Clearing his throat, he continued. 

“it seems he is victorious and is returning home with the makeshift fleet.” 

Villain stood up and grinned in a way the young officer hoped never to see again. Because his was a grin of a dying man, trying to inflict the most damage possible, before succumbing to a violent death. 

“Postpone that, i have new orders for him. Tell him to set sail for Dragonisia” 

The young officer snapped a smart salute. 

“Your will be done, Hexia” 


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Furyion smiled at the carnage they had wreaked, 9000 some tanks destroyed, 30 ships sunk. Yes, the enemy had shelled the capitol, yes, there was great damage.. but both sides were claiming victory. Furyion and the New Pacific Order never played the short game. The cost to Tanzalore for their win would be high. It was remarkable how quickly they rebuilt their Navy. Furyion gave them that much. The general pulled his crew back to their home so they could reinforce.. to be ready for the next strike. The damage was done. The cost was inflicted. In due time, he knew the Order would win. Dragonisia was willing to pay any cost for that victory.

Admiral Manapol received a message over coms. "The hive congratulates your warriors on their successes. Return home with your heads held high. You caused us injury, but we are a nation of fighters. We respect that. Maintain vigilance, you have a long road ahead of you. Sorry bout your tanks. FOR THE GLORY OF THE ORDER." The broadcast concluded.

The hive began reconstituting their forces.. readying to strike again. Their air forces remained untouched and in pristine condition. Maelstrom, the core executor of the national hive, shook his head at the state of war in this world. "Less about claiming land.. more about inflicting costs.. this is the most absurd parallel Earth ever."

An operative reported to Maelstrom, "Many slain, none lost. The enemy is extraordinarily vulnerable to espionage."

"Get that information to Pacifican high command immediately." Maelstrom replied. The Operative went to send the message.

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The days went on.. Dragonisia rebuilt its forces. Finally the word came down from high command that the next target had been selected. Mael snorted. "I am going personally this time with Furyion. Bring me my flight suit." The flight engineers rolled it out..

The dragon entered his combat suit complete with built in Rapier Engines. It had the ability to hit up to mach 6 and exit the atmosphere. But it had no weapons.  Instead crystals lined the interior of its fore-claw gauntlets, they were hard as the armor around it. "The Knights Radiant.. shall know me well. We will help re-establish Pacifican glory just as we have on the worlds before this." It was a chromed sky blue.. and due to it and his size.. no amount of radar protective coating or ir suppression mechanisms would ever render them invisible.

He joined a flight of 1439 dragons and aircraft in their attack on Roz Wei. He flew with only one wing-man, the rest carried out their strikes according to pre-planned selections. Having been afforded great luck, they arrived at the enemy nation which had JUST deployed half of its new fighters onto an airstrip. Roz Wei as a nation just having recovered from their last battle. 

"Shall we give the order to attack.. your Majesty?" The AWACS asked. 

Maelstrom laughed, "No.. save the ammo.. I have a better idea."

The old planes-walker reached out and grasped the weave of Orbis' latent magic.. untapped by its current inhabitants and unknown to, possibly all of them, as a power source. He focused all the energy into his claws and then stretched his right one outwards claw down and made a grasping motion with his claws, framing the runway of the scrambling air-base that rested just outside of the city of "River in the Seas". He then gently lifted his claw and turned it upwards as if he were lifting the base physically.

The base shook as it rose from the ground to over 100 feet in the air, its foundations faltered and the soil beneath it started to crumble. He then made a flicking gesture and the entire airbase went sailing into the city, destroying several blocks and over 227 aircraft as jet fuel and munitions explosions split the sky. The Knights Radiant member nation's interceptors and air defenses that had managed to arrive not long after the attack downed 58 Dragonisian escort fighters as the air forces moved towards their next target. They had a grocery list of airbases to render to ruin.

To the horror of Roz Wei's airmen, among the swarms of fighters and dragons was one that was clad in a flight suit that was the size of some sky scrapers and crackling with lightning. A tornadic storm made it difficult to view and surrounded it in a protective wind field. The Dragon of War was on the battlefield.

"Don't worry about securing victory.. remember.. the goal is simply to ransack all the things! Victory is a secondary objective!" Maelstrom roared.

In the world of espionage.. the head of 9 spies were collected to be laid at the Emperor's feet.. and it was only the first day of battle.


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The armed force closed on Slunk hill. Maelstrom landed, "The armies had caught up to the patrolling air forces and joined Maelstrom upon the ground." Raid the city.  Tanks lined the horizon as elf, orc, goblin, gnome, dwarf, halfling, shadow-walkers and any other biped you could think of from the known multiverse constituted Maelstrom's grand army. The sky swirled with the Emperor's magic and the air force was wary to stray to close to his zone of influence. 

"Woe to the people of Slunk Hill." He cried out.. "For your leaders have made my allies your enemy. For their acts of past aggression against Pacifica.. I bring my fire and fury to your doorstep. Your forces will fight honorably.. and I guarantee you they will die a hero's death. This day your nation shall have many martyrs... OPEN FIRE!"

6,000 tanks and artillery opened up on the city. Over half of Roz Wei's tanks were decimated in the exchange of fire.. A meager 95 were lost to the Dragonisian blitz. Infantry losses to the enemy numbered almost 4 divisions to Dragonisia's  99th having given their all in the initial siege breaking and retreating. The clean up forces broke the city. The vaults of the banks were raided and a quarter of the city was put to torch or engulfed in dragon fire. The ground forces had been eager to make up for their poor showing during the last war.. and this time, in the presence of the Emperor, they did themselves proud.

Maelstrom radioed Pacifican Emperor Roquentin.. "The prey you have delivered me is quite delectable. They've been softened. Bring the rain." He walked on the rubble of a former sky scraper. An enemy soldier trying to hide from him got up and bolted from beneath some rocks after having thrown a grenade... the grenade detonated harmlessly against the heavy armor. Maelstrom reached down and grasped the ant sized human in his claw.. raised him.. and dropped the flailing hominid down his gullet.


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Furyion reported to Maelstrom, "We have word they have silos opening your Majesty..."

"Soon as you have a a trajectory.. let me know which city.. I want to be there to enjoy its radiance." Mael replied.

"Yes, sir. They have no idea what they're doing... clearly..."

"Do they ever?" The quite mad dragon cackled as the leviathans of the Dragonisian Navy came ashore from the sea and wrecked the sea-side sections of the city of Coniunctio. "Our service to the Order does not stop at death!!!" His eyes glowed green with the radiation of the hundreds of nukes he took while he ruled on Bob. "Another world to consume in ASH! I love humanity." He picked up a Roz Wei tank and titanium zirconium talon tips ripped the turret off and he ate the crew as if he were eating a crab's meat.

The leviathans swarmed through Coniunctio, devouring any living in their path while  knocking over human structures like wrecking balls.


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"The target is Liak! Get over there quick!" Furyion roared to Maelstrom.

The suit revved its engines to max and flew on an intercept path to the ballistic weapon. Maelstrom arrived just as the nuke hit. He stood at ground zero. The nuke went off. It incinerated large sections of the city, destroying a police department and most of the drydocks on the bay side. But creepily .. the mushroom cloud collapsed inwards and was absorbed by the dragon as it appeared to .. inhale it with his eyes glowing. "Saved for the future ..." He smiled. He looked around at the dead .. half-incinerated or shadows imprinted into concrete.

"Your service is not over." He raised his claw and the shadows tore themselves from the ground and glowing irradiated skeletons would rise from the dirt and head towards the front. "Your nukes will not stop us .. we will continue to attack wave after wave .. endlessly ... til you fall our enemies."

"The nukes here are less effective than any I've ever encountered on any other Earth, Fury ... wreck them." He laughed while he was still burned with heat from the flash.


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11/10 03:07 am You successfully gathered intelligence about Roz Wei. Your spies discovered that Roz Wei has 0 spies, $430,782.78, 0.71 coal, 35.47 oil, 5,221.37 uranium, 1.90 lead, 0.81 iron, 0.82 bauxite, 7,735.79 gasoline, 19,667.05 munitions, 0.65 steel, 7,012.18 aluminum, and 26,615.76 food.

An intelligence report flashed across the visor of Maelstrom and he bellowed a laugh that echoed across the battlefield, "They have nothing left! Nothing but nukes we can spy away and airfields we can erase! Furyion.. change tactics.. have the navy and the leviathans shell them to ruin near the end of the operation's time frame.."

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Despite having had a city brought to ruins.. the war had gone quite well.. the Leviathans had brought ruin to several cities.. to the point a single one attacked without resistance. Mael had a message come in on coms, "Don't attack any more unless you must. You might trigger global treaty protection (beige) on them.. save it for if they build more to sack..."

"You're asking me to restrain myself?" Maelstrom asked High Emperor Roquentin.

"Yes.. I know this is a monument..." As roq spoke the communicator was ripped out and stomped on several times. 

"Hold positions!" Maelstrom boomed across the battlefield with this thunderous voice which echoed while carried by lightning across the sky like a giant plasma speaker.

The offensive halted.

"Want to destroy..." Mael snarled...

Furyion came along side Maelstrom, "It's okay Mael... shh.. gonna be alright.. we will destroy all the things.. just give it a few days."

"But I want to now!"

"You are such a child at times you know?" Furyion chortled..

"What!? How dare you Fury! If you weren't my brother-in-law..."

"Oh, but I am... anyone else had to calm you down their head would be spitted by now wouldn't it?" He bellowed.

Maelstrom snorted in derision.

"Oh come now.. you know this is exactly what must be done."

The great storm dragon grumbled, "Doesn't mean I have to like it."

"Come now.. lets go back to the command center for the moment. I hear they're having your favorite.. 'Enemy Flambe'." Furyion gave a toothy grin.

"Ooohh.. fine.." The storm dragon stared hungrily at the enemy stronghold ahead... "I guess it will have to do.. for now."

The Dragon of War left the battlefield with Furyion accompanying.


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Furyion looked to Mael on the way back, "Roq said that our allies already forced the enemy under protections.. finish the war.. do you want to return with me?"

Mael just rubbed his brow ridges in a look of disbelief and disgust."Again? No.. go on Furyion.. take the navy and the army in and wrap this up. Try to secure some of their nuclear assets while you're at it. Where is the discipline?!"

"Very well, sir But.. just remmeber, I had to hold you back too!."

"Nieon(Brother), Just... go.." He grumbles.. "Get this over with. I am executing quite a bit of restraint right now."

"Uh.. yeah.. love ya Nieon." Fury knew when Mael lapsed into the old tongue that he was ticked and left in haste.

 Furyion returned to the front, commanding strikes on the cities of "Slunk Shrine" and "Chicken Coop" resulted in heavy devastation. The armies returned from secured nuclear plants with weapons grade Uranium and the contents of an arsenal. The cities were torched. The nation of Roz Wei lay in ruin in their wake.. the forces of Pacifica and her allies having ravaged it. 

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Maelstrom quietly sat in his office on his hoard, watching the war raging while sipping diet soda... a call came in on the black n' blue phone. He picked up, Roquentin asked, "We have another target for you. You still hungry?"

"Always. Who am I after this time?"

"The nation of Nazara. It's lead by the 'War Princess' of The Knights Radiant. We thought the dragon of war might have something to say about that tile." Roq's smug could be heard across the line.

"Hrmm.. you're right.. I might." He looked to his aids who were already shuffling to get his flight suit ready.. the routine had become so common in this war. They were sure to wear radiation protective gear after the last battle.. the suit was still glowing.

Mael penned a letter to Princess Adrienne Kateri Isabella Azeneth, "Rawwr.. here comes a hungry dragon. This means war.. btw." He handed it to an aide, "This letter is of vital importance, make sure the diplomat delivers it with courtesy.. and while wearing full ballistic armor."

He flew in with this troops  on the first day. They took out most of the enemy's air force in the first sweep, the enemy suffering a 5:1 loss ratio. While airstrikes pummeled the town of Dirsu. The ground operations saw a 10:1 loss ratio of troops as the army pressed into the city of Esperanza, looting what they could. Only 20 tanks were lost.... and surprising to Maelstrom.. there was a distinct lack of enemy armor.

In the meantime, in the cloak and dagger world.. agents of the Empire had killed 3 of Nazara's remaining spies. Leaving it open to gutting from external forces.

Mael sighed as he watchedit fly over, "Is this is really what is left of my enemy.. that their best would give this poor of a showing?

As he spoke a missile rose in the distance en-route to the Dragonisian city of Kirasanct... "Well.. at least they still have spirit. We'll have to fix that."

The navy surrounded the coasts of Nazara and shelled the city of Erji, rendering external support impossible. Dragonisia once again controlled the air, land, and seas. 

Maelstrom noticed new tanks were starting to roll off the line.. his favorite 'snack' at least in terms of his appetite for destruction. He landed in his flight suit as his air wing accompanied him. Cluuster bombs echoed around the Emperor as zirconium-titanium alloy coated gauntlets lifted composite armored tanks.. and then crushed them under the force of hydaulic-augmented dragon strength. 

"Erase as many of these tread-bearing insects from the earth as you can manage," He ordered the wing, "then gut the factories!"

The first day of combat neared its end.. even as tracer fire, artillery rounds, and missiles flew through the night under the careful watch of thousands of night-vision goggles.

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Maelstrom quietly oversaw the rebuilding of his military between the wars. The last one with the "Warrior Princess" had gone as planned. They had eaten a few missiles, but nothing excessively severe as a nuke as in the last war.

Quietly, the Emperor roamed among the rubble of his cities, helping coordinating temporary housing for the displaced. "Do not worry. Your sacrifices are not in vain. We are prevailing. Pacifica will win the greater war."  

His majestic form brought hope to the populace.. there had been wide broadcasts of him devouring the nuke that had struck the nation in the last war. The images had been caught from security and weather cameras from beyond the city and the blast. The Dragon Cult had gained many new follower among the bipeds with the worship of Maelstrom as the state incarnate taking a new fever pitch. The Planeswalker Wyrm knew, however, that he was not a god of any sort.. but did not care to dissuade them either. 

He returned to his throne in Dragonisia city after having seen to the housing of the displaced, building plans prepared for the post-war period. Advisors took instruction on every detail of the reconstruction of the cities. Every detail was scrutinized and micromanaged. They weren't just going to rebuild.. they were going to further perfect. That was Maelstrom's method, every blank slate is an opportunity for new creation. 

The top soil in Liak was scoured and the top inch removed, stuffed into barrels.. and put in a mountain bunker storage center. Other top soil was shipped in.. to more quickly reduce the area's radiation.

Furyion stood by Maelstrom's side, "Any idea who our next target will be?" He inquired.

The Emperor, jaw resting on fist shook his head as he rested on his throne. "At the rate we get them we may not have another.. but I wait word from the Order's central command as to our next action. So far it's been quiet. I've heard peace is being negotiated."

Furyion hrmmed, "Seems like a fairly short conflict."

Maelstrom shrugged, "Just breeding ground for another if it's not sufficient in its results. We shall see."

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Furyion handed the dispatch to Maelstrom, "Next target has arrived. It's BEPU of Aenir. The only advantage they have on us is troops" 

Maelstrom snorted, "Do a courtesy once over of their soldiers as a salute and then go to full naval bombardment."

"They're also nuclear armed," Fury added.

"Tell me of any detected trajectories."

His brother nodded, "Won't you like like.. eventually explode internally for eating those thinngs?" Fury canted his head. "I mean I'm the fire dragon here.. you're the fricken storm dragon. How are you eating more nukes than me!?"

"Black hole for stomach."

"Uh.. huh... alright then."

"Maelstrom within a maelstrom.. it makes perfect sense you know it. Maelception."

Furyion just shook his head, "That's just.. bad."

Maelstrom handed a letter to the imperial courier.


To: Bepu
Of: Aenir
Alliance: Grumpy Old Bastards


Subject: Bring that precious glowing green rain.

From: Maelstrom Vortex b9877192cd8e5783032ee95e77819e8895bd598351.png Date: 12/13/2018 Thursday 2:18 am

I snort nukes. Send them to me. I tried to have my spies takem so I could snort-em personally, but your guards had something to say about that. So I expect prompt delivery.

Maelstrom Vortex,
New Pacific Order,
Dragon of War.


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The war was proceeding as expected. Maelstrom absorbed a nuke as it struck New Trismus, the city suffered as the Emperor gained strength. Nevertheless he would spend that energy rebuilding. There was just one minor hiccup.

The navy shelled the coast of Aenir for days, reducing blocks to rubble in the enemy's manufacturing and commercial centers. Azure, head Leviathan of the navies came to see Maelstrom at the hearth-hall a day after the attack on New Trismus, "We have a small logistics issue sir."

"What? Logistics.. we normally run flawlessly where that is concerned.. what happened?"

Azure took his hat off and looked a bit nervous. "We ran out of ammo in the last battle."

"You what?"

"I'm sorry, your Majesty. I thought we had enough forward supply, but the tankers and support ships holds were empty in the last assault. We were fairly ineffective at the strike. We need to resupply."

Maelstrom just rubbed his brow in frustration. "Oh good Drulkar.. fine.. bring the fleet back to resupply and be more ready next time. I'll send to the Order for additional munitions. Do this again and I'm sending you back to your lair at coral station for early retirement. Am I understood?"

"Very Clearly, sir I appreciate the second chance." The blue scaled amphibious dragon bowed out nervously.

"Fury, what do I need to do to get new help these days?" the Emperor grumbled.

Furyion just shook his head as he sat at a table nearby eating his dinner in the hearth-hall. "I would suggest putting the joint command under me and crap like this will not happen.

"Sorry Fury,  much as I trust you that'd break with Imperial traditions. The military branches must be separate but collaborative to prevent too greater concentration of power."

Fury sighed, "Then.. you deal with the bureaucracy.. it's all you can do I suppose."

Maelstrom snorted a huff.

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Despite the earlier hiccups the war resulted in a favorable outcome with the enemy having taking a severe shelling by the restocked navy. Dragonisia took a couple more missiles, but overall had come out on top. Maelstrom grumbled, "We need to do something about those missiles once the war is over. The nukes are fine, I'll eat those all day, but the missiles are just plain annoying."

Furyion tapped his jaw. "I have some ideas, but we can't build them while the potential for war looms."

Maelstrom nodded, "Use whatever R&D resources you need to bring me Autocad drafts of the designs our engineers and scientists develop.We'll start looking into the construction."

Science Minister Yflek was a gnome who had also been in the court at the time addressed the general, "I'll lend you whatever help I can. I've a couple of teams spare who aren't picking apart enemy equipment."

Furyion didn't like the thought of having to deal with gnomes, but they had natural engineering talent. "Very well."



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Furyion walked in and looked to Mael,  the new years fireworks were going on outside. "Maelstrom.. it would be my pleasure to take your first order for this new year and new era on Orbis.. what is your wish?"

"Send the people of Great Isle a new years present..." Maelstrom smiled...

For a moment, Furyion was confused, "But we're fighting them."

"I meant bombs... as present." Maelstrom gave a semi-malevolent grin.

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Furyion inquired, "Maelstrom, brother.. you have stopped giving out announcements and telling the people of our wars and great achievements. Why is this?"

Maelstrom looked off into the distance at burning lands and fields over the horizon through the virtual reality screens around him in the command center of the Empire. Total  Scorched Earth procedures were being followed. "In the beginning there was resistance.. and the stories were grand, heroic.. if inevitably pre-determined.. but now.. it just saddens me. It has become a curb stomp. I have begun to pity our enemy."

Furyion looked down, "Oh."

"Hopefully they will see wisdom soon and spare themselves total destruction."

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##Nuclear Launch Detected!##

Claxons sounded and Maelstrom looked a monitor and smiled. "Someone STILL knows how to fight!"

"Inbound ICBM from the nation of Champions." A computer voice blared.

"Target?" Maelstrom inquired.

"Neo Francograd." The ai chirped.

"Sirens sounded?" He continued.

"Bunker warnings have been issued."

"Time to intercept?" 

"Insufficient. Suggest to stay in place. Enemy is under heavy ground assault. Their forces are crumbling. They are desperate.. this is likely their last gasp."

Maelstrom looked extraordinarily disappointed, "Already?"

"Yessir. The Alliance's strike teams are just to efficient." It chirped.

"Glory hounds." Mael sat back continuing to eat pop corn as he quietly watched his nation at war. Their orders issued, all he could do was watch and wait to respond as needed.

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Another year.. another war.. the prior year's expansion had been a resounding success and the outpost on Orbis was firmly established. They found themselves amidst another great war along side their brothers and sisters in the New Pacific Order as the incursion continued to grow. 

This war had been particularly challenging, a nice change from the last year's routes. But that is what he wanted, a good fight from races struggling to save their home world from being absolutely crushed. It showed the life on this world had a strong, vibrant soul. One he could tap for his expansion once its efforts were directed to his ends.

Maelstrom's drone on this world had participated in each and every battle that had arisen. It was collecting many scars, not that it mattered. It was just one of many shells. When he was given the privilege of striking Westeros, Maelstrom couldn't help but recognize the irony. An Emperor of Dragons striking at a land that used them in their armies like pets or mounts. 

"This isn't conquest.. it's a liberation operation.. yes.. that's how the news will represent this to our population."

And the non-hive citizens of Dragonisia rallied to the war effort to free their peers from use as cattle.

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After so long being present on Orbis, a portal lab had finally been built in Dragonisia and the boundaries of this reality began to be tested. The head of the National Academy of Sciences came to Maelstrom as he sat in his office and presented a report called, "Proximity realities. We have detected at least 1 viable interconnect from this region of space time." Was the most important words he took from it, but it offered very technical data on how to build a planar bridge to the other locations.

He looked to Furyion, his SecDef, "Prep for incursion." Furyion saluted with a nod and despite being in the middle of a world war. Dragonisia.. began to prepare to intrude up on yet another.

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  • 1 month later...

Furyion rumbled, "Kerchtog is in flight. The invasion proceeds as intended."

Maelstrom smiled, "They don't even realize that it has only begun. I will begin consultation with my peers across the multiverse. Lets see who we can get to cross the planar bridge." The hive opened up its connections as dozens of versions of the entity known as Maelstrom strewn across the void of space time quietly began to discuss a single world with others.. a world that was beautiful, young.. filled with the drama of life and conflict they craved. The only question was.. how many would answer?

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General Furyion came into the throne room. Mael had been taking a nap. He gently shook the Emperor awake. "My liege. We have new strike orders from the Order against Typhon..." 

"Why are you bothering me then? You know the drill." Mael popped his jaw.

"You're not going to even get up to watch the fight?" Furyion scratched his head.

"Why bother? I know the outcome." 

Furyion just chortled, "Right, I'll send the Air Strikes." He left the throne room and the Dragon of War.. so relaxed in his nation's supremacy, just quietly napped longer as cities were shelled and armies marched on his nation doing very little effective damage in the overall scheme of things.

Dragons in jetpacks dropped missiles and bombs all over United Macedonia and Umbara.. selectively disarming them based on where they thought the enemy's force was most valuable and the strongest. It truly was a mere disarmament exercise.

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