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Organic Roleplaying (Applications and Info)

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 Last Map Update - 18.5.2018



Are you a seasoned role-player looking to Role-play in a new experience of state diplomacy, warfare on various scales, and establish friendly relationships! Wether you are a hardcore Role-player, or a recruit looking to score some pointers the Organic RP is the place for you! 


High quality, constructive, engaging, and supportive role-play is expected. 

For a more casual role-play the NATRP or National Affairs subforum should do. 


High-quality roleplay and constructive world-building are encouraged.


There is no consent required on this sub-forum, 

(However, this does not mean that you are free to do as you please in the National Affairs subforum. It will still be moderated, as it is meant for in-character posts and interactions.)


Interested in joining? Fill out the application below!

You are required to be on the map to RP in this portion of the RP 

 *Before applying, be sure to read the rules of the Organic RP, and the Map Rules 



Official nation name:



Population density (sq. km):

Form of Government:

Describe your Nation IC:

Describe yourself in OOC terms:

Please link your lore or other information that is canon: 



Have you read, and do you agree to abide by, the rules? (Yes/No):

(You must not have a history of continuous rule breaks in the national affairs subforum!)

Where on the map do you want to be located? (Using real-world geography/nations, or a self-provided map): You are allowed 75 starting provinces 

Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you want to be used):


(Map-wise, you're limited to a maximum of 75 provinces. If you go higher than that, I'll personally adjust it down until it's at 75, or ask you to re-do your own example until it fits within the 50 75 province limit. Note that expansion is allowed, but at a maximum of four provinces per month as to be as realistic as possible. This rule applies to nations under 75 provinces as well. Nations are permitted to own colonies, but at a maximum of 5 with no more than 20 provinces each. Provinces are unable to be moved from one location to another. The gifted land is also capped at four provinces per month. Land gained by a nation as a result of war can be more than this.) 

Thank you and enjoy Politics & War National Organic Roleplay


Sub-Forum Rules:

    •    All standard forum rules apply, click here for the standard forum rules.

    •    Impersonation of other alliances or players or their likenesses is simply not tolerated.

    •    You are expected to maintain a positive attitude in this community - disrespect to other players is a rule violation. 

Organic RP Guidelines

    •    Players should RP their development and relations in constructive and developing posts. 

    •    You must make posts that articulate your nation’s current policies, stances, and other canon ideals you wish to be known.

    •    You are not allowed to take control of other nations, their leaders, or their role-play under any circumstance. 

    •    You are expected to follow the guidelines and rules implemented by the United Nations Security Council.  

    •    Your nation can come under attack from foreign states, terrorists, and other groups as other members of the community are free to engage with your state.  

    •    Your Armed Forces are based on the number of provinces under your control. 



    •    You must, however, develop and RP the creation or expansion of your armed forces. You may only use the amount provided for your total forces. 

    For example, if The Republic of Wadiya has 20 provinces, they may only have one million active soldiers, 20,000 military grade vehicles, 3,600 aerial vehicles, and if they only have 5 coastal provinces they may only have 25 naval ships at any given time. 

    •    Anything that is not RP’d will be considered non-canon and cannot be considered in Role-Play. 


National RP Posting Etiquette


1.) You are expected to remain within reasonable time and creation. Cities, economies, armed forces, and relations are not built overnight. Spend time developing and RPing events in your nation. 


For example: 


One day you are building an entirely new city, and then the next day you post that you have the most advanced city with the biggest tourism sector in the globe. 


This isn't to say that you cannot develop your nation, this is just saying that you actually have to RP the transition and growth of your nation to make it fair for the rest of the RP community. 


All lore should be posted, so that you know what people are using and you can find similarities amongst yourselves and create new relations on common relations. 


2.) You have the option to allow or disallow OOC/IC chatter in your thread.


This means that should you make a post, you can allow the discussion in another thread. You simply post in your opening of your post that a new thread will be created for discussion.


When you create a new thread for the OOC discussions you will use the same topic, but just add a tag like [OOC] or [OOC Discussion] - then in the opening of that new thread, you just link the community to your IC topic for ease-of-access. 


This system allows for a cleaner RP for everyone. You also have the option to carry on your IC discussion through other platforms like IRC (if you're ancient), Discord, Skype, etc…


3.) This is Organic RP, not some flimsy unrelated posting.


Players of this community are expected to put more effort than just a few random words in an post. This is a role playing community, where you role play your nation and your nation's life story. In order for a proper dialogue to develop, players in this community must put in a little effort.


For Example:


Sofia is a National RP member. She has a modern nation and she plays within the lore of Modern Day Bulgaria. This is her post this evening:


"President Sofia of the Bulgaria won today's election at 53% of the national vote."


Nobody replied to her post and it got lost in the topic view. Why? Because she used this time to create a status update instead of giving the community something to build off. There is no creativity and there is no effort. They key here is to just provide a little more effort with your story and with replying to other player's stories.




President Sofia in a slim victory triumphed over her opponent, Igor Karkorv and his ultra-nationalist right wing Peoples Liberation Party in a historic election. President Sofia spoke at her party headquarters reigning today as the day the Bulgarian people chose their identity over the darkness in Bulgaria. “Today is a new day, a new dawn, and a new start for the people of Bulgaria. We will remain upright in our determination against Whadiya, in ensuring a green and eco-friendly europe, and a closer relationship with the United States.”

This gives players a way to interject, congratulate, and condemn the election with a lot more detail and information. Giving the introduction to the PLP, Igor Karkov, and issues Bulgaria is facing from Whadiya to being close friends with other states.


4.) You are not God almighty and you are not the leader of the world. 



You are not invincible, you don't have the greatest weapons, cities, soldiers, and leaders. of You can't destroy nations at the stroke of a button. [Even launching a nuclear weapon doesn’t destroy a nation.] You can't take over the world one-handed,  You can't decide to just take over airspace, bodies of water, or land that doesn't belong to you without facing repercussions. You are Roleplaying in a consent-free role-play and such you must respect the rules. You are not god and you alone cannot dictate the rules of NATRP. 


Because Organic RP is consent free, and the U.N. Security Council acts as the prime body of international policies and relations, a lot of creative RP can happen and be continued. Through respect, you can achieve a great ordeal. This means, if you are attacked by a player, you cannot go to the moderation team. They will not protect you here. The players are the World Police of Organic RP. If you want an RP that requires consent before events, go to National Affairs. RP out your response and interact with the players.



National RP Moderation


It is to be understood that Moderation has the final say in regards to reports made or any rule violation. It should also be understood that select moderators are put in charge to oversee this RP Community. These moderators have put in time and effort to help rectify issues and will continue to work with the community and assist the community with whatever is needed to help the RP Community run smoothly and continue to be a source of entertainment. The Moderation Team will be less active in this subforums due to the nature of Organic RP. However, sometimes moderation intervention is impossible to avoid. The moderation interventions will be only be forced when there is rule violations of the General Forum Rules found here. 


That being said, each member of this community most Read & Understand these rules as they have been provided to you. Any post in this community is an assumption that you have read & understood each rule - therefore - should you post something that is a violation to these rules Moderation will point you right back to this thread. A violation is a violation.



If you have any questions, feel free to message me on the forums, or use the discord server created by members of our community. 

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Rm4nGBZ

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10 days passed ik but I was working and before that I had no wifi because of a storm.

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