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[Organic] RP backstory

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 So, I have been thinking that since Organic RP is supposedly more "serious" than NatRP, there are some things that are needed. For instance, we need an established history for it, if only so that we can have things to reference back to. As such, I would like to ask that you provide at least one paragraph describing your nation's history starting from, lets say 1900. While not entirely necessary, I will provide an example (which will serve as my nation's history in this case):

 The Empire of Austria, formerly the Empire of Austria-Hungary, came to existence in it's modern form during the fires of the great war lasting from 1912 to 1920. During the war, it managed to gain territory from the Po river to the Ukrainian Steppe and from the North of Bohemia to as far south as Kosovo. At the conclusion of the war, Austria was permitted to keep much of this land, however, it would prove impossible to hold forever. As such, one-by-one, these newly conquered territories gained their independence until Austria was left with only the core territories comprising of Bohemia, Austria, Hungary, Transylvania, Croatia, and Slovenia. As one emperor died and his legacy passed on to another, so did the goal of retaking these lost lands and placing them firmly under the heel of the Imperial Family. However, as the new millennium sweeps in, reform becomes inevitable- the only question is who will make the first move.

 Once you are done with the paragraph, I will need you to fill out the following map with your nation as of the year 1921, and once again, I shall provide an example:
Blank map: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/339853620394721283/437803407705767947/BlankMap.png
Austria circa 1921: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/392478413111296013/437808834120122370/austriac1921.png?width=1441&height=555

Please note that if necessary, I will make certain adjustments to the borders to make them a bit more less... nonsensical.

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Little is known about the early history of the area, there are many stories of how the first settlers came to the region from the Iberian peninsula, but no evidence to support any of them. What we do know is that historical records in the Aguacentian Historical Archive show the first known permanent settlements of Spanish speaking peoples in the region were established in the 1590's. The mineral and biological resources of the area made the local settlements very wealthy. In 1671, the first colonial charters were officially granted by the Crown in order to allow taxation of the local settlements. This situation remained until the early 20th century, when increased demands placed on the colonies lead them to revolt.

In 1921, the southern colonies  declared themselves in open rebellion against the crown. The war started poorly for the colonies. However, in 1922 the northern colonies joined the insurrection, and momentum had  swung n the  colonists favor. By the end of 1923, an armistice was signed and the colonies gained their independence. Between 1923 and 1935 the former colonies existed as separate countries. In 1935 they joined together in a political union and formed the Confederation of Aguacenta. This system of government lasted until 1987 when a major economic and political crisis caused the territories of the confederation to re-evaluate their system of government and the Aguacentian Republic was formed. Initially, "the Republic" was actually ruled by a religious oligarchy, whose precedence dates to the early colonial period of Aguacenta. This system of government lasted until 1994 when protest movements lead to Aguacenta's first democratic elections. Since then, Aguacenta  has been governed by a democratically elected assembly with oversight from the religious oligarchy. Despite its successes, Aguacenta continues to struggle with democracy, economic development, and the civil rights issues.

tl;dr - Spanish speaking peoples somehow wound up in eastern Siberia, were claimed by a yet to be specified country in the Iberian peninsula. This lasted until the 1920s, when the colonies rebelled. The colonies attempted to form their own countries but failed ultimately resulting in a confederation of the former colonies. This lasted a while until the system broke down and a more integrated system was created.


Other stuff: 

  1. There's diagram of Aguacenta's history here: LINK
  2. A longer version of Aguacenta's history LINK HERE
  3. If  any of this poses a problem for the common history, I have a semi-creative IC way to get out most of it, but there still has to be a way to get romance language speaking peoples to far eastern Russia...

You can find a map of Aguacenta in 1921 here:



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Basically, real life borders for the Empire of Japan up until the end of World War II. Following the war, everything stays the same as real life up until 2008 when Taiwan, South Korea, North Korea, and Manchuria join Rokkenjima (Japan).

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