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Welcome to Orbis' OWF, first and foremost.

Secondly, OP fan!! Great to see another One Piece lover around.

You up to date with One Piece? Also, do you watch any other anime?

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Thanks! I see you're relatively new to Orbis too. How's your nation going?

Yeah, I'm caught up with the manga (ch. 901), and I follow the anime. Pretty excited to meet another OP fan as well!  

Other series: My hero academia, Attack on Titan, Promised Neverland, Jojo's (just started). What about you?

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Haha, my nation's going good thanks! Alliance taking good care of me!

OP mnaga is really good rn but the anime sucks - it's gone to such lows from timeskip

Inever heard of last two unfortunately, but MHA and AoT season 3 coming out this year (MHA already started!) I love those two, so damn epic.

Other anime I'm watching currently or have watched: Naruto, Naruto Next Gen Boruto), Dragon Ball Super, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Hunter X Hunter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kuroko no Basuke, Code Geass, and I think I forgot a few others lol

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Yeah, the quality of the anime pales in comparision to the manga. Are you caught up to the manga?

Oh boy, MHA season 3 will be absolutely phenomenal, judging by the source material and how well they are animating it. If you're anime only, stay unspoiled, it's gonna get crazy. AoT will also be (hopefully) a pretty good season as well. Can't wait for them! 

Naruto is actually on my to watch / read list after Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. 

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