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Olive Penderghast

New way of moderating NatRP

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Hello NatRP players 

As I seem to be getting busier with IRL work, I am going to start a new process for reporting. 


If you wish to report someone, PM me with the report, while ensuring the person you are reporting is also in the PM. This way, it gives the defendant a chance to defend themselves. The way I was processing reports was doing a quick glance over the issues because I didn't have time to do a full investigation, and only saw what could of been a rule violation, but I could of missed key information due to either A) information was buried or B] I skimmed too fast due to sneaking time to look through the reports while working. This way, the defendant can actually defend themselves, and I won't(hopefully) miss any important details. 

If you fail to add the defendant, I will ignore the report due to failing to follow this new guidelines for reporting. 


I will also no longer strictly moderate the number of said weapons(example: missiles) as long as you RPed them being built. Of course you can't build thousands of missiles overnight, so I expect any gains in your military to be RPed out. I don't care if you have magic, it needs to be built in a more better way. A way where you can't just magically have a dozen new ships and etc.



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