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Imprial Tales: Chapter 7: Operation Ao Kuang Begins

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An Amenrian Naval Base, undisclosed location

4 July, 2045


An officer was talking to the Heavenly General through a holographic screen. "The Mirage has been installed. Shall we begin now?" he asked to the red-haired lady on the other side of the screen. "Send the ship out and let's see how it goes." "Yes, heavenly General." A small surveillance ship exited the naval base, and with a push of a button, an entire holographic fleet of Amenrian ships appear, looking exactly like their real counterparts. Although powerful, the empire couldn't possibly risk more than one good ship to blockade a mysterious foe, and so, the small ship and its false escorts set out to blockade Walpurgis.

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Will you do the same to the Ottoman Sultan who done the same massacre in Baghdad and Crimea? 



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OOC: How exactly are you aware of these massacres, there was no public statements regarding them? Sounds like godmodding.

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On 1/7/2017 at 7:32 PM, Spaz said:

Note: This is after the Confference at Izmir

Maiev Shadowsong, one of the best Commanders of SOE was in the newly aqquired teritorry at Kuwait.
She has pushed into Iraq and everyone was giving the fight up easily. After a victory against Iraq, she would send in Flamethrower units to burn down anyone still left standing in that city or village.
Sultan Fil and her have met up at Kuwait.
"As you wished my lord, they will be purged , there will be no mercy. If I had to I would kill every person personally and up close so I could see their last dying breath and their sad eyes with some... hope in them" she laughed a little because of the word 'hope in their eyes'

"I would not expect otherwise , Maiev. You are a very good leader and fighter. You would never surrender and this is what I like about you. Even if you retreated that wouldn't mean the end of the world for you. But I have brought some help for you , dear. They will give the people much pain when trying to fight us. And I've sent units to attack from the North"

Few days later , Maiev reached Baghdad and they united with the forces sent straight from SOE.
The main Military units were all around town so nobody would dare to attack them or peform any trap on them. The soldiers armed with flamethrowers came into the city, they started burning the buildings in it from the lowest floor, threw molotov cocktails at the upper floors while the ground floor was burning, if someone jumped out of the building to save themselves they would be sliced up by soldiers there. Everyone left the city to be burned to the ground and the already started making a better far more industrial cities inhabited by the people of SOE.

Maiev met up with Sultan Fil again outside of the city
"Do you enjoy it, my master?" she asked

"Yes ... but... these guys won't stop following me... they will always be around me wanting to kill me. But this was a good lesson we thaught them."

"Yes , but master, you have an Empire you command , a big one, powerful one and what do they have?"

They went far away from the city, so did the army and they dropped nukes on Baghdad to destroy anything that is left, after that a massive bombing campaing started so the city was just ash and nothing more was left

"Yes... great lesson we thaught them" said Fil as the nukes dropped and he turned away
"Make sure that the guys build a city early" he said and walked away



On 4/7/2017 at 7:18 PM, Spaz said:

(Note: This is after the Izmir Confference)
The voice in Fil's head told him to do a few thigns to see his other half in person. Fil was meant to open a portal to get in an army to continue the terror on the people he
did not like. "I'll do whatever you need to, master" he said. He got into a plane and landed at a Military Base in the desert, remote, many miles away from civilization. There were already scientists and such. They already started building it and after a few days it was finished.

"I'll promise you immense power, just do it..." said the demon before Fil opened the portal.
The red light blinded everyone except Fil he looked straight at the bright light that the portal gave. 
"Good boy" said the demon.
Many odd looking beings came out if it.

"Your new personal guards" said the demon as these creatures came out. He laughed maniacally.
"Why did I do this" asked Fil
"Entertainment , so you can kill off the poor useless souls in the new counqests, boy"

Tomorrow , Fil sent a few of the new demonic units to Crimea to see how powerful they are. He sent a few giant flaming rock golems there called Infernals.
They were crushing the buildings there, burning everything. Fil did not want to keep it secret but he wanted to brag with them. 
He was at the massacare personally, surrounded by the Doomguards. He was watching the Infernals crush the people to death, destroy buildings and they left nothing except a Burning menace. "I like this" he thought to himself. The High staff had nothing against them either, but they would not dare to oppose the Sultan as they would die a horrible painful way.
After seeing that destruction, he guarded the portal heavily. It was hidden but he would not let anyone destroy it or harm it. He was always followed by those Doomguards to secure his full protection.
He started rebuilding Crimea as all what was left is rubble and flames. 


OOC: I have glopronash operatives and non combat troops in middle east.

Edited by Lee Young-suk

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On 7/5/2017 at 4:23 PM, Lee Young-suk said:

Will you do the same to the Ottoman Sultan who done the same massacre in Baghdad and Crimea? 



OOC: I'd love to, but the consent rule prevents me from doing so (I talked to Spaz and he didn't want me to intervene). Like you, I have shinobi scattered all across the world, but using them on other players without consent would be godmodding.

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