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Hello World!!

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Hello World I'm alibin(my nickname) I'm new to this game and just want to say hello.


Hobbies are reading novel and manga I also watch anime sometimes.


My Nation is the Empire of Parthevia Ruled by the benevolent Alexander Parhevia.I just recently join the alliance Black Knights so far the experience has been great.The community is bustling , the leaders are approachable and lots of kind veteran player that are willing to help.So for new player like me I would like to recommend the Black Knights trust me you wont regret it .


Ayy Lmao


(note this is not a recruitment post)or is it.

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Greetings, Alibin, and welcome to Orbis! Good luck in the Black Knights! Feel welcome to shoot me a PM if you need any help.   :)

Shameless plug on behalf of a friend: check out The Alliance Power Rankings sometime for some interesting day-to-day alliance stats. Your alliance is currently in it! \o/ 

Forum names have to match in game names fyi. Mods are quick to anger and slow to forgive.

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