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I Say, That Was Quite a Demonstration

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====Somewhere on Acia Island, Gloria, Athretvari====


General Kysigga was deep into the introduction of his presentation. “... According to our sources, the origin of the witches’ powers are believed to be an extremely ancient form of health- or strength-augmentation technology, the exact creation or understanding of which is lost to even the witches themselves. It is a self-replicating technology, ingrained, as far as we can tell from our limited research, in the mitochondrial-DNA found in each cell of a witch’s body, and passed on from generation to gener...â€


A select group of Athretvar high government officials and military staff listened to Kysigga drone on. Their interest peaked again as a petit anime with a big mop of bright green hair and giant silvery eyes was ’escorted’ in by six heavily-armed ADF security guards into the vast empty underground vault that served as the Athretvar Central Intelligence Agency (ACIA) X-Files Research Group’s “Area #52â€.


The witch was a run-away, from where she had yet to say. She looked as if she had resisted her capture. Her thin pale arms were bruised and bloodied, and bound tightly behind her with silver-iron razor-wire. She stumbled and crashed to the floor of the testing area. The six guards kept their automatic G30 combo air/laz rifles trained on her small trembling frame.


The group looked on without any sign of emotion. They were gathered in a separate observation deck overlooking the testing area, behind a wide wall of 2-cm thick plasteel meant to protect them from the show about to begin below.


Tyro waved a hand interrupting Kysigga, "Yes, yes. I know what a witch is.â€


Several of the officials laughed and then moved forward as they realized there was another person in the testing area. A black figure carrying a type of long-staff stepped forward and stood about 10 meters in front of the witch.


Tyro pointed to the sleek, slender special ops agent. She was a young woman, a graduate of the ACIA’s top-secret Joxo War School in Gloria, cland in a black skin-tight battle-suit using cutting-edge multi-purpose high-tensity nano-wire technology, and best, built in Athretvari. “Can the suit do what Szimon Shiga says it does?â€


Kysigga felt his pride bruised by Tyro’s interruption and ’cut-to-the-chase’ manner, “Yes high Commander, the Shiga-Jujitsza Land-Master2 can ...â€


Tyro cut him off again, “Show us.â€


Kysigga cleared his throat, “Of course.†He spoke into a cuff-comm “Release the witch.â€


====On the floor====


Sergeant Jameszon reached down slowly and placed the wire-cutters against the razor-wire. She pushed her helmet close the witch’s ear, “I’m going to let you loose now. Any funny business and you’re dead, b!tch.â€


Jameszon squeezed the cutters, the razor-wire snapped. The sergeant didn’t get to see what happened next. Without pause the witch’s arms flung up and around Jameszon’s helmet. With an ear-shattering scream the witch twisted left, jerked right, yanked down and then lepted backward to drive a knee to Jameszon’s face-plate, instantly killing the sergeant.


The other five security guards opened fire.


The little witch screamed, and to the amazement of the group watching above, shifted left and right with blazing speed, dodging the fiery-red blasts of superheated plasma.


“I will kill you all!†she screamed flying up in a burst of green energy.


One of the guards shouted, “Henri! Gregorro! Ballistics!â€


As the two guards looked to switch their G30s to fire physical slugs, the witch clapped her hands. Twenty thousand volts of electricity shot out from the witch’s fingers. Henri’s and Gregorro’s G30s fell to the ground landing in heaps of ash.


The LandMaster raised her arm, commanding the remaining security, “Back away. I’ll deal with her.†She lit her Battle-Rod.


“Deal with me?!†the witch whirled around in a frenzy of green energy. “After I destroy you, I will rule these tiny, insignificant islands as a their new glorious witch-queen!â€


“Big dreams for a two-bit hag,†the LandMaster mocked.


The anime’s bright green hair shot up as if she were hit by a bolt of lightening. Screaming she clapped her hands, but before she could let loose the LandMaster had shifted nearly five meters left, then right. Suddenly it was upon her. She fired her magic.


Shiga-wires up and down the LandMaster’s suit vibrated at hypersonic frequencies inducing an electromagnetic field around the agent, pushing her away from the witch’s energy bolt. The blast knocked the Battle-Rod away. The LandMaster called on the suit’s leg wires to propel her up and over the witch. She sprang high into the air.


The witch launched another attack, “Ahabara ho-kus!†Silvery streams of energy shot out her huge eyes catching the LandMaster squarely in her chest. The agent was thrown back against the plasteel, shattering it. She fell to the ground stunned and gasping for air as her suit attempted to increase oxygen flow.


The witch flew towards the plasteel, clapping and blasting sharp thick shards inwards towards the officials. She laughed as screams escaped from the observation deck. “I will kill you ... ahhh!â€


The LandMaster grabbed the witch’s hair and threw her to the floor with nearly a ton of force. The witch slammed against the cold stone face-first, cracking the concrete. She growled and jumped up.


The LandMaster was half a second ahead of the witch. After throwing her raging opponent down, she had lit her suit’s greatest weapon—long, ultra-thin Shiga-Wires running along the sides of her arms and legs. They vibrated bright hot. As the witch lept up, the LandMaster lunged downward swinging her arms and legs in several great arcs.


The witch fell to the ground in pieces, her head rolled away wild-eyed and still cursing.


====Observation Deck====


Tyro brushed several plasteel fragments from his hair, shoulders and uniform, “I say, that was quite a demonstration. Do we agree, that all our Special Corps should be trained and equiped with these Shiga-Jujitsza LandMaster battle-suits?â€


He looked around at the others still dazed and trying to gather their wits. “Agreed,†they each said quietly.



OOC: Athretvari will recognize and accept witches magic powers insofar as Athretvar Shiga-Jujitsza battle suit tech is recognized and accepted.

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I love your flag and seal. Very Pisces-ish.

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