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About Gran Pulse

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Nation Background


  • Gran Pulse is a nation in the heart of the South American continent.
  • The Inhabitants of Gran Pulse originally came from Northern Europe, they settled in the heart of South America creating a rich community of their own and quickly becoming technologically advanced.
  • Gran Pulses people have a strong connection to their European Homeland. The main religion of Gran Pulse is the worship of Etro.
  • The capital of Gran Pulse is the city of the Goddess, there 16 major cities in Gran Pulse.
  • There are two languages spoken in Gran Pulse, English and Dolphin, 100% of citizens speak English and only Celestials speak Dolphin.
  • The average life expectancy varies a lot between the races, Celestials are immortal and can increase the life expectancy and make Caucasians immortal.
  • The average life expectancy of Caucasians is 200 years and the average life expectancy of Daedra is 70 years. Slaves have a life expectancy of 40 years.
  • The people living in Gran Pulse are known as the Asari. Just over 4 million citizens live in Gran Pulse, most live in the mainland but a couple hundred thousand live in its colonies.
  • The population is 90% Caucasian, 9.9% Daedra and 0.1% Celestial.  The majority of the Daedra population are in two areas, Nexus and Skyrim.
  • The Majority of Celestials live in the City of Goddess but a few live in the other cities, there are only roughly 4000 Celestials and 90% live in the City of the Goddess. Roughly 3.6 Million of the population is Caucasian.
  • The Celestials are the descendants of the Goddess Emily Thorne.
  • Gran Pulse has an undocumented slave population captured from provinces taken over since the founding of Gran Pulse, it is currently estimated to be 4 million.
  • The Daedra population and the slaves are the primary workers in the unskilled jobs. The Daedra have more freedom than the slaves and some are given significant power.
  • Politics in Gran Pulse is dominated by Celestials that are supported by the Caucasians, key positions of power are still taken up by capable Caucasians. The Daedra have no political power.
  • The City of the Goddess is the capital of politics in Gran Pulse, the temple of the goddess is where the power is located in Gran Pulse.
  • The government type of Gran Pulse is an absolute monarchy, an Empress who is selected by elite Caucasians and Celestials.
  • The first Empress after the rule of Emily Thorne was Clarke, the second and current Empress is Lightning. There are no political parties, however the elite advise the Empress, the political struggle is between who gets the ear of the Empress.
  • The main religion in Gran Pulse is Etro, Etro is the worship of the Goddess. Emily Thorne is the Goddess and is worshipped by all followers of the religion of Etro.
  • Etro is one of the oldest religion dating back to when Emily Thorne first appeared in the time before time began, she was worshipped by people then just as she is now.
  • The cult of the Sun Goddess which is the religion of all Celestials is similar to Etro in the worship of Emily Thorne but worships her in a different way.
  • The Daedra worship various Daedric princes, the worship of Daedric princes is looked down upon by Celestials and Caucasians.
  • No foreign religions are allowed in Gran Pulse, it is the job of grand inquisitor Azula to hunt down and depose of those who practice foreign religions.  
  • Capitalism is the economic system of Gran Pulse. The Kingdom of Gran Pulse is one of biggest economies in the world. Gran Pulse exports millions worth goods and resources globally. The service sector contributes around 70% of the total GDP, industry 29.1%, and agriculture 0.9%.
  • The top exports of Gran Pulse are vehicles, chemical goods, electronic products, electrical equipment, pharmaceuticals, transport equipment, basic metals, timber, meat and military equipment.
  • Gran Pulse is rich in oil, lead, bauxite, food, gasoline, munitions and aluminium, Gran Pulse exports these resources globally.
  • Gran Pulse has one of most advanced military forces in the world. Gran Pulse has a large and growing military industrial complex. The majority of Gran Pulses military is focused on tanks and aircraft.
  • Gran Pulse is a long time nuclear nation, the nuclear stockpile is spread out across numerous locations in Gran Pulse.
  • Caucasians have control over the military, they have operational control over the air-force, ground forces, navy and missiles/nukes.  The Daedra are used as soldiers and cannon fodder.
  • The terrain of Gran Pulse is predominately made up of forestry and mountains to the west and southwest. Central and southern Gran Pulse are predominately grasslands and forestry. The east of Gran Pulse is a mixture of Grasslands, forestry and low mountains.
  • The northeast is the location of largest Basin in Gran Pulse, Nibenay Basin. The northeast region of Gran Pulse has rich fertile land as result of the Nibenay Basin.
  • The highest peak in Gran Pulse is Eldersblood Peak which stands at 21,960 meters.
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Gran Pulse People & Cities

Nation Provinces & Cities:
Northwest Mainland (14 Provinces)
Leader: Kasumi Goto (Human)
Other People: Selena Gomez, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift (Celestial), Skyler Samuels
Population: 99.99% Human

The Ark:
Leader: Clarke (Celestial)
Other People: Lexa, Scarlet Witch (Celestial), Black Widow, Alicia Vikander, Spencer Hastings (Celestial), Aria
Population: 99.99% Human

New York:
Leader: Emily Thorne (Celestial)
Other People: Kara Zor-El (Celestial), Ivanka Trump, Wonder Women (Celestial), Dakota Johnson, Amy Adams
Population: 99.99% Human

Leader: Myrrah (Celestial)
Significant Places: Eldersblood Peak
Other People: Anya Stroud, Diabolos (Celestial)
Population: 99.99% Daedra
Leader: Miranda Lawson (Human)
Other People: Elena, Elizabeth, Kate Beckinsale, Tauriel (Celestial), Britt Robertson
Population: 99.99% Human
Central Mainland (6 Provinces)
Leader: Lara Croft (Human)
Other People: Ellen Page, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellie, Quiet, Amberle Elessedil (Celestial), Eretria (Celestial)
Population: 99.99% Human
Leader: Ellen Anders (Human)
Other People: Bella Twins, Alexandra Daddario, Kate Mara (Celestial)
Population: 99.99% Human
The City of the Goddess:
Leader: Lightning (Human)
Significant Places: Temple of the Goddess (Parliament Building)
Other People: Emilia Clarke (Celestial), Natalie Dormer, Yuna (Celestial), Serah (Celestial), Natalie Portman, Demi Lovato (Celestial), Kelly Clarkson, Birdy, Bridgit Mendler, Emma Duvall
Population: 99.9% Human, 0.1% Celestial
Leader: Anna Stroud (Human)
Other People: Quiet, Rachel McAdams
Population: 99.99% Human
Northeast Mainland (4 Provinces)
The Citadel:
Leader: Commander Shepard (Human)
Significant Places: International Trading Center
Other People: The Illusive Man, Kristen Stewart
Population: 99.99% Human
Leader: Padme Amidala (Human)
Significant Places: Hequ Coastal Highway
Other People: Amanda Ripley, Maxine Caulfield
Population: 99.99% Human
Southern Mainland (6 Provinces)
Leader: Cortana (Celestial)
Significant Places: Hequ Highway
Other People: Miranda Keyes
Population: 99.99% Human
Leader: Korra (Human)
Other People: Asami, Mila Kunis
Population: 99.99% Human
Central South American Colonies (4 Province)
Leader: Azula (Human)
Significant Places: Hequ Highway
Other People: Ariana, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, Megan Fox
Population: 99.99% Human
Southern South American Colonies (4 Province)
Leader: Serena (Celestial)
Other People: Gemma Arterton, Vanessa Hudgens, Milla Jovovich (Celestial)
Population: 80% Daedra, 19.99% Human
Northern South American Colonies (1 Province)
Illium:    J80d38p.png
Leader: Liara T’soni (Human)
Other People: Faith, Elizabeth Keen
Population: 99.99% Human

Nation Leadership Positions
Leadership Positions:
·         Empress: Lightning
·         Elder(s): Emily Thorne, Clarke
·         Head of Nation Security: Miranda Lawson
·         Director of the Pulse Intelligence Agency (Spies): Liara T’Soni
·         Head of Strategic Command: Cortana
·         Head of Defence: Asami
·         Head of Nation Development: Ivanka Trump
·         Head of Commerce and Labour: The Illusive Man
·         Grand Inquisitor: Azula
·         Head of the Treasury & Conquests: Lara Croft
·         Head of Scientific Research: Ellen Anders
Army Leadership:

  • General of the Army: Queen Myrrah
  • General: Lexa
  • Major: Serena

Airforce Leadership:

  • General of the Air Force: Anna Stroud
  • Lieutenant General: Kara Zor-El

Navy Leadership:

  • Fleet Admiral: Miranda Keyes
  • Admiral: Korra, Commander Shepard
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