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History of Grand Pulse

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An Origins Story

In the time before this universe began this space our now galaxy occupies was empty darkness where complete and utter nothingness was all this part of space knew with no sign of light on the horizon.
But that all changed when a sudden bang sparked light and life into this empty dark space, the materials created by this bang went on to form everything we see today wherever we look. It is not known how this bang started but we do know we’re not the only universe that exists. Orbis is one of the great planets created by this bang and is where our great nation resides on. When Orbis was created life took eons to develop, grow and to mature into the Orbians that populate these great lands. Every nation and every nation leader is from Orbis except for one. When life of Orbis matured it attracted the attention of a goddess from another universe, the only of her kind in existence at the time to descend down to Orbis and experience this new world with us. This goddess revealed her name to be Emily Thorne and promised the people of Orbis that if they follow and worship her they will be rewarded and prosper under her wing.


Chapter I: Small Beginnings

Many followed Emily Thorne and worshiped her, in return she gave them a place to call home and helped them make something of their lives by giving them talents to better help all the people. Life was good for all the people in this newly formed nations for many years under the supreme rule of Emily Thorne. During her rule Emily Thorne conquered many foreign lands and their stole riches to better her people which was praised by the citizens who saw themselves and Emily Thorne as superior to others and deserving of their conquests. War occurred many times during this period but none of the wars were more significant than when the alliance of nations ruled by Emily Thorne was attacked by another group of nations who took issue with them, this group of nations were known as the Seven Kingdoms. The war lasted a year and never officially ended due to the great catastrophe that hit Orbis killing almost all of the population and thus ending all wars. The Lost Kingdom of Yamatia was shattered into pieces with many of the regions sinking into the sea killing most of the population. All the great cities of the kingdom were lost and were never truly recovered. Orbis tried to recover from this massive loss but it was soon it hit with another major catastrophe that destroyed the entire planet of much of its life, even more so than the previous purge of life caused by the shifting of plates. The Lost Kingdom of Yamatia was no more and Emily Thorne and everything connected to her had disappeared after the second catastrophe strike.



Chapter II: Darkness Is Here

A shadow has clouded over the Underlying Lands from a time long since past, it has being over 7 years since the destruction of the old kingdom. The survivors from the aftermath of the destruction fled to the Underlying Lands to begin anew without their precious leader who guided them since the birth of the old kingdom. As an act of remembrance much of the Underlying Lands was named after the old kingdom as the survivors tried to hold onto their old culture and its ways, but without guidance from their leader it became a harsh life with much despair. The shadows heard their sadness and so appeared Diabolos sent from the darkness to bring purpose and guidance to the survivors who settled in these dark lands. Diabolos gave gifts and became friendly with the survivors as though appearing to be a kind figure looking out for the betterment of these people. Diabolos helped them progress and prosper but it was merely in the interest of the shadows that sent the beast. As time passed the Underlying Lands grew greatly and so did the power of Diabolos as he corrupted the minds of the leaders of the Underlying Lands bending them to his will and making them his loyal disciples to rule over each of the great cities of this new civilization.


There were 10 loyal followers per each city and they oversaw the operation of those cities and further corrupted the civilization with their influence. Life was good for many people in the Underlying Lands as everything was peaceful until one day Diabolos sought the treasures of foreign lands to his betterment. It was then that Diabolos trained huge armies to claim these treasures by sending the Underlying Lands war machine to many lands killing millions and enslaving thousands to fuel the war machine. Lands were explored, conquered and pillaged during this time, many victories and defeats were incurred in the name of the Underlying Lands leaving millions dead on all sides that met in battle. A high number of civilian deaths came from these wars launched by Diabolos. The armies of the Underlying Lands were known as the armies of darkness, sent to all corners of the world to conquer, plunder valuables and inflict suffering. The people of the Underlying Lands suffered greatly as a result of the constant war that has plagued their lands killing many.


Two years. Two long years. That's how long it took for the wars to stop and for cracks to emerge in the Underlying Lands as it citizens started to rebel against the rule of Diabolos. After many purges and great losses Diabolos’s power was dwindling leaving only the corrupted 80 followers loyal to Diabolos. Diabolos promised the people of the Underlying Lands that the expeditions would stop and peace would once again be known in these lands, but many knew better and that the future would bring more destruction and suffering. With no one left to lead the people in an uprising it was thought any hope to truly relive the glory of the old kingdom had been lost. It was in that moment a lost child of the last great leader from the old kingdom emerged from the ruins of the great kingdom seeking it’s people to bring them back to the old kingdom to rebuild what once lost in a devastating earthquake that shattered the kingdom in half and brought the ocean upon them flooding their lands while other parts of kingdom sank into the ocean thought to be forever lost to the water and its inhabitants. This child found the Underlying lands, a land corrupted and filled with darkness. Disgusted by what happened a plot was made to rid the beast from the lands and end the darkness for once and for all.


During a ceremony worshipping Diabolos an assault occurred during it sending the Underlying lands into chaos as citizens took up arms to overthrow Diabolos and those loyal to the demonic entity. Diabolos quickly escaped from ceremony before it was overrun and proceeded to begin working on a plan to stop the attacks from inside a heavily fortified fortress safe from a direct attack. The child followed Diabolos and tore through the fortresses defences destroying everything in the path and eventually breaking into the war room and slaying Diabolos’s general leaving Diabolos as the only one left alive.  Diabolos cowardly fortified himself deep inside a bunker beneath the fortress in an attempt to escape his fate.
The child proclaimed herself as Clarke, daughter of beloved leader Emily, before using her divine powers inherited from her bloodline to send the sinister creature Diabolos into the abyss.

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