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Lost Dimension


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Big Fan of the "Titanic villain shot"



Yeah the villain is called "The End" and oddly no name ever gets given to him even in the files and such you can pick up.





I remember seeing this not that long back and when I came across it again decided to pick it up. I'm somebody who likes to play games that aren't exactly well known and it's nice when they turn out real good, in fact outside a singular game (Cross Edge) I've never really regretted my purchases for such games. Virtue's Last Reward for example got me started on visual novels as after playing that I wanted to play more of them so that lead to the likes of Danganronpa, Steins;Gate and such. Speaking of such games, I actually decided this game over Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters which I may well get down the line who knows.


Game is as you'd expect low budget and the closest I'd compare it to is another low budget game I've played called Natural Doctrine. Both games are very similar in that both are turn based games, both rely on you making use of support from your allies, both game's have enemies that aren't huge threats but can use the support system like the player can and thus rack up big damage, both have a main character that gets absolutely broken at the end... and other things. However Lost Dimension has stronger player characters, weaker enemies, less enemies, no "one of your characters dies? Game over" condition that Natural Doctrine has for 95% of the game and the support system is a lot easier to figure out. Natural Doctrine is actually pretty easy when you figure it out but many people don't so they see a game that is almost impossible to get through.


Story isn't the best in the world or anything but kept me interested and the game is short enough and you get enough of a boost in new game plus that I immediately did a second playthrough so I could do the true end which has you fight an upgraded final boss in the The "Bitter" End, not that the upgrade means anything as you get so broken you become unstoppable regardless of his buffed stats or not. Normally I'd note such things as a spoiler but no one but the end can be the final boss in a game like this short of some random boss coming from nowhere a la Necron from FF9 coming in for little reason.


The game has a traitor system and a system where you kill a character off every level except in the 4th when there are two traitors. Naturally you want to kill the traitors and get rid of them. The game randomizes the traitors so it can be anybody, but that has weaknesses . To start with the traitors will never show suspicious behaviour or anything like that, there is no working out who the bad guy is like in say Danganronpa. Basically after every mission you hear your team's "voices" and Sho will note how many he heard. You then swap people out and see if there are more/less/same amount of voices. Keep doing it and eventually you can narrow down the 3 possible traitors and then by using a deep vision you can play a little segment where you check if they're the traitor or not. 

The problem is you can just load up the first mission if you want and keep repeating it replacing one party member at a time if you want to... limiting the voice segments to just the missions for that chapter would have actually made this a bit more difficult beyond what it is, a mere annoyance.


Characters have 3 skill trees and personally I think a good job was done here, a lot of options available for you to take and it becomes even better as you kill people off because you can then attach their skill trees to other characters (they can't be further upgraded though). Character balance is alright but some are obviously better than others. Agito for example can phase through people and even doors so instead of pressing a switch to open a door he can just phase through, his movement is the second best in the game, he attacks twice so he has better criticals, he has a excellent critical rate, he dodges really well, and the topper he has an ability called "Summon Allies" which teleports all the other characters to him which in a game where all nearby allies assist you is completely broken. Bosses you can just phase through to get behind them, summon allies, have somebody attack which will get 5 assists, if they live then have another character attack to get 5 more assists... repeat though you're unlikely to need to. 


Overall the game is pretty easy though in playthrough one if Agito dies in the second level (the first level has a set traitor to introduce you to the whole thing) then the games becomes much harder... yeah, dude is so broken that if he dies before he can unlock "Summon Allies" then the game becomes harder especially if you're going for S ranks which are all about speed. Once he has it though you can kill him and give "Summon Allies" to someone else, but the guy is so good even outside "Summon Allies" that you'll not want that.


Overall I think it's a decent title. Some good gameplay and the story is interesting enough you want to find out more which keeps you playing which is what it should do. 

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