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  1. Hi. I have an Xbox One S and I just started playing GTA online again. I see it's a lot better with someone you know and I know a lot of you. If you play GTA Online on an Xbox One, and you wanna play with other players here, post your Xbox gamer tag here and what your favourite thing to do on GTA Online or GTA Five so I can ram you down with my insurgent.
  2. ok how is this actually interesting apparently? it's a name change lmao
  3. Hi there. I think QUITE a few of you guys know me, I've been around here since June. I've never really used my forum account, but I might do, there just hasn't been anything... interesting to do on the forums... I'm Anglorum, and I make quite a decent stash of steel and munitions so hit me up with dem trade deals baby
  4. Official Nation Name: The United Republic of Anglorum. National Population: 1,625,126 GDP Per Capita: $2,755.88 Density: 99.84 per sq/m. Form of government: Parliamentary Democracy PnW wiki link: http://politicsandwar.wikia.com/wiki/Anglorum Describe your nation IC: My leader is a calm, tender but strong and head first President, determined to make the best for Anglorum, and keep the country on the international stage. Describe yourself OOC: I like to roleplay with others on things like atWar, other nation simulation games, and enjoy playing things like that often. Have you read, and agreed to abide with, the rules?: Yes I have. Where on the map do you want to be located?: pacific Canada, the remainder of Alaska up to the end of Manitoba including some of the northern territories of Canada, if possible. Nation flag link:
  5. Basically Conservatives now. I'm a under 40 day nation and now I get taxed 70% daily for money, when the government gets taxed 5%. I don't even want to borrow money from the alliance but now I need to so I can stay afloat with cash.
  6. Hello community of Politics and War! I am Anglorum and I'm hear to suggest a feature that may promote unity and activity among nations. The thing I would like to suggest is something called: The World Assembly. Now, I've taken some ideas from another game, which I will not name because I do not wish to be warned for advertisement lol. But most of these ideas are from me. I just got the name from the game. This World Assembly would be an admin run committee of course, but will have laws and proposals suggested by non-admin nations. If enough alliance leaders approve of a proposal, then it goes into a vote that any nation can vote yes or no to. If the resolution is passed, things change for every nation that voted for it, for example GDP. If it is not passed, the idea cannot be revived for a minimum of a month and nothing changes unless it is passed in the future. In this World Assembly, there would be two branches: The General Assembly (which takes care of things that aren't to do with military) and the Security Council (things like helping stop global wars or any war that could spiral out of control). There could be elected leaders of both of the branches, but they could only be held by alliance leaders. This could promote the following in the game: Activity: A lot of nations don't come on as much as they used to, but if they find out about this if it is implemented, they might want to return often to see what happens to their nation if a resolution is passed. Unity: It could bring unity through the Security Council to stop wars and bring peace. It could also promote trade through the GA, and help nations work together to adapt to brand new passed resolutions. In the General Assembly and the Security Council, nations can make proposals to repeal previously passed legislation. If it is passed, said legislation is struck out and rendered null and void. If it fails, nothing changes with the legislation in question. Thank you for reading.
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