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  1. My own highlights from the speech: Although none are surprised by Coalition B’s capacity for violence and treachery, these acts further cement their place among the worst of Orbis’ reprobate. Where once before there may have been some slight hope of character we can now be certain that their words are literally worth less than the paper they are printed on... Unlike their failed predecessors who have been discarded to the trash heap that is the history of Orbis, Coalition B has yet to be defeated. Indeed, it has become obvious that if Politics & War is to continue as a game the world must make a stand... There is no price too high that cannot be paid when our lives and all those in Orbis are at stake – no violence so brutal that cannot be delivered upon this Babylonic beast... In conclusion, to Coalition B, our enemy: scorn and defiance, slight regard, and contempt... Many thanks to everyone who has offered support in the forum, Discord, and in-game. Intel said that at least two confused Coalition B leaders had to make use of a dictionary to understand certain parts of the speech, only to be enraged by the harsh but honest description of themselves. The tide is turning. The free peoples of Orbis can expect even more to rise up against them.
  2. Sting me once, shame on you. Sting me - you can't get stung again. - George W. Bush
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