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  1. For an alliance where we help new beginners to the game I think being in the top 30 is a pretty good achievement, usually as you climb higher in score you generally might move so to have that is a great achievement I think. And also 20%/15% tax rates are pretty good if you stop and think about how hybrids works, cause if you can raid and farm that's cool.
  2. Two. I've heard other alliances have fallen apart more than ours which is always a positive. But in the meantime I'm not going to do that because I do like this alliance a lot. I think they're a good alliance. If your opinion doesn't match, I don't care. I think it's good and that's all that matters at this point.
  3. I honestly am not even sure what the API does. Can someone help me please?
  4. It is a temporary punishment, if you start participating in wars then they put you back into the 20/20 bracket.
  5. We're a lot better than everyone says we are. Zephyr is a good guy who has a right to be punishing people for war dodging. We only run a 20/20 tax rate which is better than some higher level alliances and there is a special tax rate for anyone who uses Discord, pushing it down to 15/15. The only reason we use the 'special' 50/50 tax rate is for war dodgers, and I think that it is fair because the price you pay in military upkeep and rebuild of military after wars can be as much as a 50/50 tax rate if you are in war all the time. I have seen nothing but good things and a little bit of trolling in my time at this alliance. There's not much that I can complain about, if anything at all. We give grants up to city ten and then we allow you to do more through requestive funding because of our taxes due to the amount of resources in our bank. We set quotas on Minimum Military Requirement (MMR) and this MMR is to make sure that when being attacked you have enough defence to protect yourself from a massive attack. The system in which messages are sent out is through a regular announcement message sent to all Typhon members notifying them of what has gone on during the past weeks and also what we should look out for in the next weeks. In my opinion, this alliance is one of the best alliances out there. Only if you are war dodging and then it's 50/50, otherwise it's normally 20/20, but we also have a 15/15 for Discord users. It's not a limit, we just don't have grants after 10 cities is all. We allow you to grow further but it has to come from your own income that way.
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