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  1. Dronen


    So this is my first forum post and all I need to say is: PooBall is an extremely amazing person
  2. Dronen

    Impreza's Journal: Entry #2 - Bank Drama

    I utterly agree
  3. Heres for the partnership. I'm sure we will both succeed together. Good luck to you Blitz Orbis Bank stands behind you
  4. Hey, this is Robert, CEO of Orbis Bank another mention after I had issues with him at Goldward Bank. After an argument shifted to the entrance. Sempre never gave me an apology and Goldward's CEO ended up apologizing on his behalf. Sempre damaged Goldward and I think he does not deserve a position there. Thank god he can't kick or ban people. Impreza even stated that his behaviour was not up to standards. Now also as my name is being impersonated. There is a high chance that one of them is Sempre. As there is now 2 copies of my account trolling, threating and fighting with other members of orbis.

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