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  1. Love the changes, especially in the resources. All the war changes make sense as well. Attacking has a cost in war and is almost never tactically advantageous. Defense is always easier especially when they're fortified.
  2. Send me an offer on PW or just accept my offer floating on the market but looking to buy for around 4500k/ton.
  3. Just when I get out...they puuuuuuull me back in lol. Just wish i'd logged in periodically to keep my old nation.
  4. If you're a physics geek or into astronomy at all it's an amazing program to play with. Build your own star systems and galaxies...or destroy them.
  5. Anyone play ESO on PC? If so shoot me a PM with your ESO username. Would love to hang out with some PW guys, I solo everything and it gets boring.
  6. I played a year or two ago but life got in the way of any extra curricular activities. I'm returning now and glad to see everyone. =D.
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