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  1. i'm hungry, guys wanna eat your god Does anyone have any good recipes for frying Khorne fillets?
  2. wow. what a helluva bad metaphor. Never read Gorky, Dostoyevsky? Even Tolstoy'll rise from the ashes and puke for that low-balls metaphor. jeez. what have you've read in your entire life? A Guide to Sleep and Snore i guess
  3. don't need yer love, baby. you can love that malay vincent with all of yer stink soul and all of yer rotten body. blah blah blah. old arrogant malay geezer can talk. all talk. talk talk talk.
  4. Aww. You can change your gender then, baby wanna ride your half-bad ass up and down. yeah
  5. jeez. i could puke every time read what you chickens write down there. you all are so girlish, childish, and sensitive. don't waste your words, we don't need anything from you, we don't even care what you've done or what you plan to do.
  6. Congrats for EoS. SK is like a worn-out recording of an old favorite song now.
  7. Granted But the time to quit is before you wish you had I wish you wouldn't grant this wish
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