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  1. Queen Isabella Marie Xiong

    Petition to unban nations (Governing Body Ban Appeal)

    Date of Game Ban: April 18th 2018 Reason for Ban: Multi-Accounting and creating multiple nations. Reason for Appeal: we weren't multi-accounting. We as the government of House Tyrrell was blanket ban for having associations with Lich King and Arya. By our own account we have truthful not created additional nations as per the evidence being submitted forth width. As log in logs will be proof, when we log in as separated IP address and location for all our interactions within the game. It has disabled all government and leaving our members defenseless. We as a group ask that you unban all of us and let us enjoy an actually gaming experience. The Queen and the hand of the queens action does not extend to the government or it memebers. So don't punish the rest of us for the mistakes of our leaders. Because without us, the members who enjoy this game and gaming. You the creators of the game won't have a product to sell to anyone. Signed, Isabella Marie Xiong (Advisor to Hand of the Queen)
  2. Queen Isabella Marie Xiong

    Ban Appeal

    Date of Game Ban: April 18th 2018Reason for Ban: Multi Nation cheating Reason for Appeal: I have created more then one nation. (on behalf on myself) i have not created more then one nation. I created it almost 297 days ago on my own because my then friend Aliyan from my Facebook was playing it and ask me to join him. I've been with many alliance and ive made good friends over on alliance discord channel. There no proof or multi-accounting with me, as my accounts linked to my social media accounts (facebook, twitter ) and my discord account. The proof is in the link of all my accounts leading back to me.
  3. Queen Isabella Marie Xiong

    3/6/2018 - Removal of Trial Changes

  4. Queen Isabella Marie Xiong

    Donation Suggestion Thread

    Add payments from Goggle Play (Account) or Goggle Pay to payment options. Done directly through Google. The annoyance of Paypal can not be dealt with or trusted anymore by me.
  5. Queen Isabella Marie Xiong

    Alliance Raiding

    Actually it has been paying out cash, that why I've been using it.
  6. Queen Isabella Marie Xiong

    Alliance Raiding

    I've been raiding grey nations and it says I won. But the money didn't show up in my account. Eating up gasoline and muntioms in the process. Also I lost some aircraft, trying to get that money. Not to mention soilders and tanks.
  7. Queen Isabella Marie Xiong


    Hi I'm new to the forum and to the game.

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