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  1. Nation name: Persia Nation link: http://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=5724
  2. Syria already belongs to IS and FSA has absolutely no political agenda or voice in the war. This is why they lost popularity immediately. They have no goals other than removing Assad. They have been overshadowed by Al-Nusrah who seeks the exact same thing as IS under a different leader.Al-Nusrah has already destroyed Syrias army to the point that Assad winning is a big gamble. I would say that the Kurds (with American support) are the only formidable force fighting IS. The issue I see is that the commonly accepted solution is aggression. Which will not work. The Khawarij have carved out a state in what is basically their homeland and Khawarij culture praises martyrdom to the point where it is not just expected of all men in their society to die a Martyre, but nearly a requirement. Their culture is the basis of what we call Islamic Extremism. But they have also accomplished all of this through propaganda and lies. Claiming to be Sunni or "original Islam," to gain support. I fear the only end to this will be with a sea of blood because their entire culture is based on death. I am sad for the Arab world.
  3. Hello! What is your favorite era of history? (Anywhere in the world).
  4. ISIS formed when we invaded Iraq.Why do you think we stayed there for a decade after the Iraqi Army was defeated? It's because the invasion of Iraq was baseless, everyone knew it. Arabs saw this for what it was. An unjust invasion of an Arab nation. Islamic extremism suddenly explodes in popularity. IS has its roots in Iraq. I started out as Jama'at al-Tawhid wa-al-Jihad during the war. This group would later merge with others and pledge allegiance to Bin Laden and Al Qaeda in 2006, renaming themselves as the Mujahadin Shura Council (Al-Quada inIraq). Eventually the two groups spread apart in their goals. Shura Council becomes more influential, powerful and their Khuwarij politics start becoming self evident. Al Quada disavowes them. Still disguised to most of the world (especially the west) as Sunnis, the alliance, now a consolidated as a singular organization, calls themselves Islamic State of Iraq (ISIL) [Note: Islamic State of Iraq never referred to themselves as ISIL/ISIS. Insinuating such would have lost them the support of allies in Syria, Al Nusrah.] At first, the goal of this group was to establish an Islamic State in Iraq. However, after they gained much support and influence in Syria using their profound propaganda techniques and experience, they launched an invasion of Iraq. Having much intelligence from within the Iraqi Army they made amazing advances into 1/3 of the country, taking major cities and humiliating the Iraqi Army. They announce a Caliphate under the rule of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with the intention of creating a Caliphate and ending the borders set by the Sykes-Picot agreement. By doing this, they effectively challenge not only any nation but also every other Mujahadin or extremist group in the middle east who doesn't pledge allegiance to Baghdadi and their Khuwarij ideal. And here we are now. I can't say that Saddam was better, but at least he wasn't committing genocide (after we invaded him before) and blatant imperialism under a Khuwarij ideal disguised as Sunni for the sake of propaganda and gaining blind support. I don't like blaming people, but if you know the history of the region it is very clear where all this originates. But even then I guess it goes back further than WWI. The oldest origins of Islamic State are as Khuwarij which are older than America's occupation or withdrawal. If you think anyone can stop this ideology through military after 13 years of war, declared by the most sophisticated coalition to ever exist, which is not only failing but greatly encouraging the problem..... Then I am glad you are not leading NATO militaries.
  5. I did not say it. I just quoted it. You're an Anarchist Communist? Out of curiosity, how old are you?I am not opposed to such a suggestion however the opening line is well...... Nothing I have ever heard before: I am curious to know why you feel this way?(I read all your responses, but they are not consistent with linguistics).
  6. How? (First off, I don't follow a generic view of Islam. In fact, I don't consider myself as being part of any particular religion or doctrine. Religion is only attempts at translating Gods words into the words of men). Jihad means "to struggle." I personally interpret Jihad in a non violent way. To mean a spiritual struggle within myself regarding faith. And a physical struggle against those who may try to oppress or physically fight my beliefs. I don't see it in an aggressive way but rather a defensive way, reactionary at most. On the topic of Christianity, I see no difference in the amount of violence. Not at all. In fact, other than books written by men I see little difference between the two. Christianity and it's founding is a part of Islam. As well as Judaism and Zoroastrianism. All of these worship the same God. It is when the human element and our desire to translate and share the words of Allah with the world, that his message looses it's greatness. Such greatness can never be written or spoken in the words of men while still carrying the actual message. The true language of Allah is silence. The true word of Allah is written within yourself.
  7. I like this. But only if it applies solely to the global market.
  8. The more military intervention in the middle east there is, the more inspiration there is for pursuing extreme ideologies. Every innocent life taken fills a family with spite. America can not stop extremist ideologies through force. Attempting that path only fuels the problem they are fighting. The US has been in Afghanistan and Iraq for about 13 years now and during that time extremist Islam has only grown (a lot). So how would you "finish the job" when an entire coalition of world powers still can't after 13 years?
  9. I would go back to a pre-Great War status and stay out of everyone's business. I don't know if that is even possible anymore. Killed by Israelites? World domination has been pursued by many peoples throughout time.Sykes-Picot and Balfour are the primary causes of the middle easts problems. I would not say Islam preaches world domination but it is a very political religion and there are many interpretations of it, it's history and writings. Jihad is not what western governments make it to be. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jihad It is really no different than Christians and their missionaries or crusades. It just depends on your interpretation of Islam. Also, if you guys are going to argue over how the Quaran is worded, its meaning and context, then it is highly suggested that you refrain from using any translation other than the original Arabic script. Arguing the fine details translated in a language like English is a self defeating argument.
  10. I have a feeling Islamic State will not last. If NATO doesn't invade them their neighbors eventually will have to.
  11. Salam! Welcome to Politics and War. How do you like it so far?
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