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  1. Protectorate Treaty: IBC --> Germanische Imperiale Ordnung (GIO)
  2. Knights Templar is no longer a Protector of the IBC
  3. Concord is a protectorate of the Imperial British Commonwealth
  4. Protectorate Treaty: Imperial British Commonwealth - Lordaeron Imperial British Commonwealth - Knights Templar
  5. The system just isn't very realistic. If it is not of any concern to anyone else, just forget about it, but think a little bit of realism to baseball in this game might make it more fun.
  6. If you don't believe me, check this out: Your OBL team, the Crowns, played a home game against the Dont Know Dont Cares. The final score was 2-1, you won. Your nation earned $1,092.00 for hosting the game. You also earned $577.09 for winning the game. Click here to see the Game Results. Freaking Dont Know Dont Cares lost against me! I have a score of 2.67! Something is messed up.
  7. I have been noticing this since I started
  8. I've been noticing that my baseball team has been losing a lot lately, even though I am playing against teams of lower ranking more often. I am not understanding how 2/3 of teams I play against ( that have a lower score) are the winners.
  9. The Imperial British Commonwealth updated their flag.
  10. ok Imperial British Commonwealth: MDP: League of democratic nations MDP:Bayonet Alliance MDP: Ironborn
  11. Are only #1 -#50 alliances allowed in the web or just anyone who wants some recognition?
  12. The Imperial British Commonwealth: NAP- Regicide NAP- Global Communist Bloc
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