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  1. Pertica

    A message to the Syndicate

    this so much I still don't understand the reason of such a fast and chaotic disbandbment, we could have just find other protectors. People have no reason to be mad at us if one our members decided to go full epik trole master mode, especially since a good chunk of the stolen money was ours, lol Guinevere, think about it pls. And Jack, at least use the credits to make funny ads like Princess Bubblegum's one. The X-Files one cracked me up
  2. Pertica

    A message to the Syndicate

    wew, that sucks waking up in the moring and see your own Alliance panicking and half disbanded for no apparent reason was an interesting way to start the day, though hope you enjoy all the ca$h, Jack, goodbye and thanks for all the pints
  3. Nation name: Araucania Nation ID: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=41631 see you! EDIT: ayo where my bonus at

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