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  1. Kortanul

    4/5/2016 - Server Timezone Change

    Well hell. As it was, I had to get up two hours early to do stuff at reset, now it's two hours before bed time. I'm quite okay with this. ​For those wondering why reset matters--it affects military strategy to a minor extent. Not significantly, but this shifts who has the double-build advantage, and some people can now better rebuild before the opponent to hit them while weak and turn the tides where others now have a harder time with such. ​For most other parts of the game, it's irrelevant.
  2. Kortanul

    [rejected] personal withdrawal from conflict

    Perhaps so. But just as Arrgh must do damage where it can, if I'm a target, I must do what I can. Struggling is my nature, whether or not it's absolutely necessary. ​And why would I take something personally or get emotional over bits of data and pixels?
  3. Kortanul

    [rejected] personal withdrawal from conflict

    That's just it. I'm not attacking anyone, not declaring on any. My lack of interest in the war remains. But I'll not sit and not take any actions within those fights opened against me. I'm not exactly in a great position to resist, sure, but it would make even less sense to simply sit idle as yours attack me and my infra.
  4. Kortanul

    [rejected] personal withdrawal from conflict

    It was being worked out privately and seemed right on track, though my public posting was done a bit too hastily I'll admit. EDIT: Ew, I double-posted. Someone has had too much internet.
  5. Kortanul

    [rejected] personal withdrawal from conflict

    For one, I'm not your typical Mensa member. I'm also not part of the main pack, nor am I well integrated into the P&W community such that I likely don't think and play like most of you--which may or may not be a good thing. I'm also not running, I was seeking an alternative to what did not appear a worthwhile fight. As that's been turned down, I'm certainly happy to swing once more. ​I, personally, have always favored understanding and diplomacy first, and thus attempted such.
  6. Kortanul

    [rejected] personal withdrawal from conflict

    ... This is an intriguing idea, but I'll have to pass. xD To the others, well, I was merely toying with the idea of a demilitarization agreement for peace for the time being, instead of surrender or the likes because I have no interest in a full surrender, switching sides, or joining some pow aa. As what I thought was agreed upon for my taking up a position as a noncombatant has actually been rejected, I'm already back to fighting.
  7. Kortanul

    "Don't Use Munitions" not working

    As the gasoline and munitions usage is identical, it seems your soldiers did *not* use munitions. If you use tanks, they still will. Have to use soldiers exclusively if you want to save munitions.
  8. Kortanul

    [rejected] personal withdrawal from conflict

    I attacked the three to collect some partial recompense and then had a few days to wonder if there was not perhaps a better way. Decided to pursue that possiblility--couldn't hurt to try, really. Obviously didn't work out, but am I meant to regret asking? In all reality, though, I know full well that war is unavoidable and I've been reminded regularly that I'm unlikely to have any success in the first actual war in involved in. This is simply coming to fruition.
  9. Kortanul

    [rejected] personal withdrawal from conflict

    I find this strange considering that I was quite clear in speaking with you that I have no interest in the war, and wish to simply go about my business. In speaking to gallifrey prior and then to yourself I'd agreed to being void of any standing forces were it to end the ongoing interest in hitting me. I fail to see where I've been inconsistent, especially in that you stated this posting as a condition and I presented the draft to you prior to posting, and corrected the noted issue with it accordingly. I do see where diplomacy isn't a readily utilized option now, but it was worth a shot. If you think the new city purchase was my driving interest, you're sorely mistaken, but alas that is to be expected. The war is punishing for one just finding their footing in the game and getting on track, as it effectively puts the game on hold, and thus I was checking out this route as a possibility. Didn't expect more than an "lol no" when I messaged earlier, but was pleasantly surprised by seemingly finding a reasonable person instead. But I've been proven wrong, it would appear. That said, you speak as though you're winning this "bad war" when your only successes are low tier, where Mensa has little to no presence. I suspect the realization of almost agreeing to giving up one of your few low tier targets prompted this change of heart?
  10. Kortanul

    [rejected] personal withdrawal from conflict

    This is simply the result of a low score relatively new player disinterested in and realistically unable to participate in the current war to any measurable effect wanting removed from the conflict. ​Discussion with Jacob led to this statement of withdrawal so as to have public record of it. I believe that when open warfare is not the best option--in my case it certainly isn't--diplomacy is worth pursuing. Perhaps the playerbase here views things differently and plays differently, but I don't believe war is all there is to the world and at this time I feel that committing myself to a period of demilitarization makes more sense than continued needless bombardment. As stated in the OP, I speak only for myself and not TS or Mensa or any other group. This is a game and one I intend to enjoy accordingly.
  11. Proposal rejected, thread rendered needless, and content cleared to prevent confusion accordingly.
  12. The Red Empire https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=28546 ​ ​

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