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  1. Most FA stuff is done by Prefontaine, so I don't have the entire scope of the issue, but this is in no way how TEst planned or sees things right now. Of course TEst's rise was intentional, and Pre has been a fantastic leader, but we still accepted a large degree of risk that either TKR or tS would declare on us after our declaration on Pantheon. Discussion certainly took place, but no intimidation ever happened. Furthermore, while it remains that we are a powerful upper tier alliance, it is not at all the case that we expect unilateral dominance - any alliance in Syndisphere or Paracovenant can, with the help of a few friends and proper planning, methodically roll us. Finally, regarding your final claim, we plan to do neither at the moment - as peacetime will probably come in the next few weeks, we've been shifting focus more to domestic affairs. At the moment we support neither sphere, and don't plan on doing so in the near future.

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