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  1. Andddd my only active fronts are with Hogwarts. This is a weird war.
  2. That image file is called replica.jpg it's clearly a fake
  3. See my war declarations if you think we're above puns off of our name hint: we're not
  4. Yeah I mean we just let in the former head of Argh! who raided us all the damn time so I like the think we're pretty accepting
  5. Actually, we let Jacob Hanson into our alliance. He'd been sitting as an applicant for two weeks. Take that!
  6. I wonder how this conflict will be represented on the wiki. Technically blood has been spilled on both sides now...
  7. Don't know why the hell I didn't post this on the first page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpIcPde4rAo
  8. Oh see my experience of this war lately was alliances going in and declaring IG wars before they posted CBs in a weak ass attempt to have the element of "surprise", and then proceeding to get their asses kicked. Is that what you want us to do instead?
  9. I literally sent aid to Hogwarts and now I'm getting bullied by Partisan, what a time to be alive
  10. I was unaware that large countries cannot be socialist. Thanks for the schooling, guess I'm going to have to go rethink dialectical materialism
  11. Nothing's too good for the working class.
  12. Still up peeps we're on the hunt for those toothbrushes
  13. Hands off T$! Uphold Marxism-Leninism-Charming Thought!
  14. o/ peace o7 Polaris, good fight!
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