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  1. Denver_old


    https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=184457037&token=XpbirCNP Shove it right into my mouth....aghffdgfhg
  2. Ummmm, you don't have steam?.... Thennnn how do you play it? U use like.. Origin? Ummmm, you don't have steam?.... Thennnn how do you play it? U use like.. Origin?
  3. Denver_old


    Can someone give me ugly, unwanted and useless skins? . . http://steamcommunity.com/id/LoadingBeastMode/. . . . . . Pls?(not begging)
  4. Denver_old


    Rust rust rust rust rust rust rsut wtf
  5. Dudeeeee anyone here have a steam gift of ES to trade? Because I got an extra copy of don't starve together
  6. http://store.steampowered.com/sale/paradox_2015/ Grab your games! I only bought eu4 and magicka 2 My steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/LoadingBeastMode/
  7. Lol you guys should make that an official religion ;p
  8. Denver_old


    Giff me blue majik chakra you !@#$ing kotol
  9. As tensions escalates I have thought of this great idea Alliance page displays: Example your an alliance leader or minister, and you want to declare war against another alliance, you can simply click a button on its alliance page: Declare war! After that the alliance you have declared with will have a status of: War: yes; Viridian Entente, MensaHQ If not War: no and if you want to make peace: There will be a button with a caption, Make peace! and there will be a provided text box to type in your reason why do you want to make peace with. Also add Treaties Example: Treaties: Viridian Entente, Rose, MensaHQ This would help the alliance wars more formal. Treaties Example, another alliance declared war at you and you have an existing treaty of MAODP with another alliance, a notification will appear to their leader: An alliance have declared war on an alliance which you have an (kind of treaty) with. The attacked alliance calls for aid. And there will be two buttons Help Deny
  10. The alliance HQ will be vulnerable And can only be attacked when half of the alliance is beiged. You can put Soldiers in the HQ with 1 default military base like cities, you should buy more infra to have more soldiers to protect it Numbers: 100 infra = 1military base =50000 soldiers and 1000 tanks Infra = 1.5mil per hundred And not like a normal war, the HQ can only be defeated when its garrison is wiped out 1st defeat cosiquence: half of the alliance money and resources will be transfered to the attackers alliance (Same with 2-4) 5th defeat cosiquence: all money and resources on the alliance bank will be transfered to your alliance and thus, the alliance will be automatically disbanded/destroyed Note: it can only be attacked by 10 nations at the same time
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