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  1. So everybody knows what's going on. here are the terms offered which was followed by two changes to the flag. If the message had stopped before the peace terms everything would have been sweet. I say let your members vote on whether the flag issue is acceptable to them just as I did in my alliance. I know there are TEst members that are wondering what the hell is going on here. From: Odin Date: 09/25/2016 Sunday 11:17 pm Grüße, Cromwell. I am speaking in the name of Terminus Est as a whole. Beginning tomorrow, we'll end our wars with GAs. If you don't want any more action after beige, we make you an offer: As it is tradition in TEst, we don't take or even want any kind of repearations. Instead, this time, we made again (you might have seen the one from GPA) a flag for you. Other then the GPA one, yours is kinda cool looking, so i hope you're not grumpy on us longterms We had our fun, and i'm sure you too. You did a good job holding your backbone high in warfare and on the forums. Congrats! Of course as long there is war, your mates are free to retaliate. Peaceterms: Here's the flag: http://i.imgur.com/IYPINAJ.png You'd need to hoist it for 1 month, and get it hoisted within 1 week after peace declaration. If you're ok with it, message me back, and then we'll make a proper forum announcement.
  2. I want to state our case clearly. We do not think TEst is inhabited by A-holes. I enjoyed getting to know my opponents and I am pretty sure it was the same for them. I know that was also the experience of others in our alliance. It seems only the worst of TEst post here (Sailor Jerry excepted) and I would like to see normal and friendly members of TEst post their opinions here
  3. You might have a quarter fewer but your points were double and the amount of members within your range amounted to about 15. The only reason we were no.8 was for the same reason as youu, Sh -- I mean Alex's increase in military points. Not true I have already addressed this earlier. We are not neutral. We are pacifist unless attacked and are well used to being attacked. Have you heard any of us complaining about you attacking us? Ask Arrgh, Mensa or TKR if we have ever complained. We are up for it. What rank we are doesn't bother us. We are not pixel huggers.
  4. Actually we would be happy to accept a peace offer but unlike others we want peace with honour, not dishonour. We are also setting an example to the rest of Orbis who are sitting back and letting TEst do what they like. Its easy to appear strong and talk big when it is three against one and you only select members with at least 14 cities. Join a small alliance and see how YOU get on.
  5. If you are looking for me, I've gone to play baseball while I wait.
  6. We will never surrender. We do not kowtow to bullies.
  7. Do you mean angry or off my rocker" Either way, the answer is no.
  8. I wasn't debating, just stating my opinion. I was talking about reading other people's debates, not being involved in them. And, yeah, the analogy wasn't great but I am sure everybody understood what I was trying to say. As to thinking quite highly of myself, you guys can be the judge.
  9. Just messing with you man. As I said Forget the rest, inane wasn't even what I was originally talking about. I love a bit of debate when people are debating just for the sake of it, but there others who pontificate, thinking they are infallible like the pope. In the Dark Ages they actually had 3 competing popes at one stage - P&W has a lot more.
  10. Only the first sentence was directed at your paperless comment. The second sentence was an observation on the forum as a whole. You decide for yourself which category you belong in, inane or to the point. Now greatkitteh has invaded the topic acknowledging her? contributions are shitposting. That's what i am talking about.
  11. Ogaden & Betulius being exceptions
  12. A generalisation that in no way represents TFP. The forum seems to be mainly inhabited by a bunch of blowhards enarmored of their own importance which is why I rarely venture here
  13. When I originally wrote up our alliance page asking for independent people who could work as a team I don't know exactly what I expected but my hopes have been far exceeded. I have an alliance full of members i am extremely proud of. I would rather lead them in 50th place and sticking to our principles than be no.1 having compromised those same principles.
  14. It will take a while to get rid of 255 ships. I'll do a lot more damage before they are gone.
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