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  1. The only reason Mensa got dogpiled was because no one wanted their upper tier to get hurt by Guardian and SK, or because they didn't have an upper tier.


    Thank you for proving my point.  Alliances didn't want to get rekt'd, so they dragged as much cannon fodder and padding as they could in to the fight to minimize damage done to them.


    It's a tactic that worked, the VE sphere won the war.  We can see the same thing happening again, Mega-blocs are forming, Alliances are gathering up their war machines and the market has shot up.  It don't take a genius to work out what is on the horizon. 


    Personally I'd rather see little regular skirmishes between alliances with Bloc Wars being the rarity.  I think it would keep the majority of the player base (and not just the guys who play the 'Politics' side of the game) more engaged and interested in the game.  The cost of war prohibits this though, so all we have is massive wars every now and again.  For regular grunts (those not involved 'behind the scenes'), such as myself, the game is damn boring.  Had I stumbled across this game on my own and not had a group I knew from previous browser games I would have been long gone.

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